Rena: Eiffel Tour In Italy….

  May 27, 2012
Rena Mtasui at Japan Expo in Paris
Rena Matsui have drawn attention from fans with her astonishing bold mistake which even Rena Ota couldn’t stop pointing out….

Rena Matsui on her blog 

When I was browsing through TV channels, I found  travel TV show Sekai Fushigi Hakken was on-air then, and my eyes were glued to this program!
In the past, I couldn’t have understood why this program was so popular among many people, but I found myself absorbed into the show today.
Salt lake in South Africa… it’s just so romantic…. and some day I really want to see wild animals with my own eyes.
I also reflected that even though I’ve visited several countries overseas, I’ve wasted a whole lot of time…
My first trip abroad was Italia, and I could visit Tour Eiffel. But then after that I visited Hawaii, Guam, Saipan, Taiwan, Macao, Korea….and China…. I actually have done nothing particular in these places I’ve been to.
I haven’t done something that can be said sightseeing, so some day, I want to travel for sightseeing.

I want to watch variety of travel channels. That how I’m feeling right now…”

She immediately corrected it into Tour Eiffel in France…. but there’s another mistake…… salt lake doesn’t exist in South Africa…. the TV show was featuring the salt lake in south Australia….

Recently, on the solar eclipse day, she also made a wrong statement as she wrote “I’m so moved as I am thinking upon that now Venus is between Earth and Sun….”

Her looks might suggest that she would be a smart girl, but she actually often makes such a “cute” mistakes when it comes to…. knowledge we learn in our schools.