President of Toyota Group Mr.Toyota is a fan of Acchan?

  June 20, 2012

It has become a hot topic that the President of Toyota (Akio Toyoda) is a big fan of Maeda Atsuko.
Even within a friendly talk with a reporter in charge, her name frequently came up.

“President Toyota is basically a fan of idols since long. One journalist who frequents his office once talked that there’re figure dolls and posters of idols. He said he was impressed by how soft personality this big shot actually has….”

President Toyota was named a chairman of Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA) this June. The association are planning to uphold Ads campaign in this fall, and said to choose Acchan as a face of the event.

JAMA holds Auto Show once every two years. Last year they drew 840K people to the event, making it the outstanding success. This year they won’t hold the show, but because they think it’s better to hold something to cheer up the mood in the industry, and came up with the idea to hold festival-like event with Acchan and AKB48 as eye-catching features.

Acchan already appeared in Toyota group’s TV Ads campaign “Nobita no Mosimo na Sekai (Nobita’s imaginary world)” along with other stars, Tsumabuki Satoshi, Yamashita Tomohisa, Mizukawa Asami and Jean Leno.
According to a writer at a automobile magazine, it was also the request from president Mr.Toyota.

Those who are happy with this are Ad agencies, including Dentsu, who have been engaged in JAMA related events. One event will bring them more than 50,000 million yen, and if AKB48 and Maeda Atsuko will be featured in the campaign, it will draw huge attention. Thus it will involve various industries and bring tons of money to them.

From Shukan Jitsuwa via

Why not SKE!!!!!!

Oh come on why they don’t pick SKE!! They are from Nagoya!! Your home!!!

So the rumor that this role was deprived from Oshima….. was… totally fake, wasn’t it?

I don’t know other stories in the rumor but as for Jaiko (:the role she played in Toyota’s commercial) it was totally fake.

So basically things we are getting mad at, shouting “They are discriminating!! It’s not fair!!”, are actually offers from sponsor companies in most every case….

I see, this is why AKB driving club solely focuses on Acchan…..
I was thinking, “It would be more interesting if they give spotlights to other members, like how they managed to aquire car licenses…. It would be more effective to get young people interested in car driving…. But the thing is….. President Toyota likes Acchan…. lol”

Toyota Akio, the president of Toyota group.

OMG What a reliable fellow Ota!!! Acchan’s graduation will surely be outstanding!!
You know, he is more famous than the prime minister of Japan worldwide!!

Actually senior managing director at the company I work for is also a fan of Acchan.
It looks like even for older people, she is so captivating…

 So… once Acchan gets a car license, please feature her in cars commercial ^^

I’m so looking forward to joining the event!!

It’s gonna be like Auto show?? I looks like it’s gonna be fun!

So… it’s just jealousy of other men’s Ota that makes them complain, say, “It’s unfairly huge promotion!!” Everything must be decided through negotiations with client companies.
Same holds true to Aisu no Mi…. By the way…. I’m so happy that Toyota is now backing Acchan!! Her future after AKB48 is bright!!