Wait, I didn’t know Watanabe Mayu is like this….!!

  June 29, 2012
I thinks she has changed in a good way!
Uhmmm but I still like Mayuyu in twin tail and neat bang hair…..

Well…. she has become so beautiful…..

She is just so cute!!
I’m looking forward to her new songs!!

So she has stopped being CG and become real-life girl…?

She was so awesome in iHeavy Rotation at the final of 1st Yubi-Matsuri…..
Now we can say it’s written in the stars that Mayuyu will be Ace of AKB48 from next year, right?


So Mayuyu finally colored her hair…. !!
Yeah…. anyway, she is a perfect idol.
Uhmm how can you see her hair looks colored?? To my eyes, it looks completely silky black….?

Soooooo beautiful.

She is not an adult in her voice but looks-wise, she’s already grown up to be a beautiful lady!

How many times I said “don’t become an adult!!” to you…. orz

……. So finally “Team Mayuyu” has got serious about the battle for AKB’s top position!

So this is the first prototype of Mayuyuloid…..

I think she passed the final test because she proved that she it that beautiful in video.
So in the last scene, she threw an infinite punches!?
Last year, I was worrying about how she would become at last….
But these days, she has further revealed her hidden beauty….. I’ve been struck by her stunning beauty everyday…..
Today, tomorrow, I can meet Mayuyu everyday! I’m so happy!