Impression and Thoughts on Yokoyama Yui’s First Namesake TV show, “京都・美の音色 (Kyoto Bi no Neiro) (Kyoto Sound of Beauty)”

  July 19, 2012

It has started.

関西テレビ 京都・美の音色

What in the world is this wonderful show!

Yuihan’s program…. This is so good….. She is trying to speak a lot and give it her best!

This program is so tedious…. Honestly, this program would be fine with just narration by an announcer. Actually, the old woman who showed up in the program is a lot better at talking than Yokoyama.

You can’t expect Yokoyama, who is known to be a MajiReser (person who tends to react to others’ comments seriously), to be too skilled in talking

I’ve been healed so much ….(´-`).。oO(

Despite being a 1 hr show, it ended so soon…

Uhmmm this is not that impressive like, “Damn!! Writers! What the hell you did!?”
It’s a so disappointingly bringdown.
They’d better let Yokoyama experience various things alone rather than involving BBA or something…

It sanctified my dirty heart….lol

Yuihan: “This is so hot, isn’t it?”
Old woman: “Yes, it’s hot.”
Yuihan: “Isn’t it not hot?”

I LOL’d at this flow of conversation.

Because old women in Kyoto she met talked a lot, Yuichan was a bit overwhelmed by them….
Yuihan is Hannari (elegant in Kyoto dialect. Origina 花なり: this is Flower) but BBA in Kyoto were very articulated and crisp/brisk.

Yeah, when she first greeted Okami-san (female owner or manager of Ryokan), Okami-san already had a dangerous aura….. And when they started talking, it turned out our guess was true lol She is truly Kyotonian lol

Yeah, Okami-san was exactly the same as our image of Kyotonian.
I like when Kyotonian girls are Hannari like Yuihan more than genuine Kyotonian’s somewhat sly characteristics.

I’m so happy that Yuihan could nail this phrase, “This is the point you’re supposed to laugh lol”♪

↑And she failed to get laugh han~

↑But it was so nice to see her nailed that phrase for Yuihan Ota ^^
I love Yuihan when she is like that ^^

“It has existed since Heian-era”
“え”っ!?” she was surprised with such a jarring voice lol

When she was talking with the Okami-san, because she kind of reminded me of the instructor of manners, Hirabayashi Miyako, I was afraid that Yuihan would get scolded by her….. lol

It’s only Yuihan who can dare to (unconsciously) make such a rude remark to Okami-san of Kimono shop in Kyoto, “Can you wear Kimono by yourself!?!?”

Yeah…^^; but… yeah I’m so grateful to Okami-san as she dressed Yuihan in Kimoto elegantly.

So food report are concerned on this show?

↑It’s like they select a specific area and walk around to see spots of the area.

This is…… godly program for her Oshi…..

source, Translated and edited by Tuloan, Bryansate, Ganita and Tommy