Once Shinoda Graduates… ‘I was thinking about falling in love’

  July 18, 2012

AKB48’s Shinoda Mariko’s produced Wedding Dress Brand “Love Mary” held it’s 2nd launch event (17th July). The theme was based around “being sparkly”.
Shinoda herself also wore 2 picky dresses as she appeared on stage. “This time I come out with a slightly adult and sexy style,” she said appealingly with a smile on her face. 
In terms of her own wedding she revealed, “I sooner or later will want to get married. A long time ago I was thinking about getting married in my teens, but now I probably don’t mind whenever it is.”
“My ideal man? A mischievous person I can play around with. Once I graduate (from AKB48), I was thinking about maybe starting a relationship,” she said.
“My ideal wedding would be to have it overseas, and to be able to wear all of (my produced wedding dresses). I also want to do it many times,” as we made her peeked through her girlish heart.

On this day, on “PON!”, Mariko found out of DJ Mikkii (also on PON!) became pregnant at age 53. In response Mariko congratulated with, “Congratulations! (As a female) it really gives me courage.”
“I wonder if I shouldn’t get married until I’m in my fifties,” she laughed.

Source: http://www.jiji.com/jc/c?g=ent2_ent2&k=g120386