(Pictures) 2 Shot photo event of NMB’s single ”Nagiichi”

  July 7, 2012

The latest seat arrangement…..

You know what? You can’t expect what kind of danger people from Kansai will cause you when they are near around you. (*Tommy is native Kansai-jin)

This is like “Nice to meet you, good bye forever” event…

You know what? Nobody want gross Otaku to come close to em….

It’s actually a nice treatment for members.
Like….everyone is Manatsu lol

It must be interesting to see how members who are dubbed to have Kami reaction at handshake event will overcome this tough situation!!

This distance…. members lifeless expressions…. I’m curious how Ota’s face looks like….. Is he having a broad smile in this situation??

LOL You guys should look at Yagura, one of NMB members who have Kami reactions at events, or Milky!
Is there any member in NMB48 who can stuck up to Hata Sawako?

Look at this. She is real-life angel!!

Fuuchan~~~~~~!!!! Seriously, she is an angel!!!

If they’re 3gen members who just made their Stage debut, then it’s natural that they get a little awkward when they are suddenly thrown into a situation like this.

I will take a 2 shot photo with Milky, making a heart-shape together with our hands!! lol

Fuuchan is Kami!!

You know, if this is Manatsu, she would move farther away from an already distant seat…..

This is Hikawa Ayame


Yoshida Akarin

Actually, when I met Fuuchan at handshake event, she was so close to me…. I was like, “Oh god! she is gonna kiss me!!”

Upload more and more pictures!!

If you are interested in Yagura Fuuchan, I will go to 8 and 9th parts of the event, today (and upload pictures for you?).

I made my mind to additionally buy tickets for Fuuchan!!

Shimada Rena

Shimarena….. she leans too much!! lol

They couldn’t make a perfect heart….. it’s broken…

If they touch each other, they will be warned by staffs.

Is it only me that think touching hands each other is not at all problematic.

I think it’s no problem because they shake hands with fans in the first place.

Yeah yeah I can understand your sentiments, but because Hagashi staffs are not near them in 2 shot photo event, they want to prevent any accident as much as possible?

Anyway, she knows how to capture men’s hearts

Could you upload 2 shot photos with Milky?

If a member you met were a type of girl that doesn’t mind getting closer to fans, it would fine, but I don’t think all members are like this….

Anyway, it makes me disappointed as I imagine AKB’s 2 shot photo event for their upcoming new album would be like this, too…

Another reason is that for many of fans, and member as well, this is their first 2 shot photo shooting event they’ve ever joined.


Her legs are so long~~~!!
this is the ideal 2 shot photo!!

I’m sooooo much envious of him…!!
I’ve never won tickets for 2 shot photo with Milky….
I also couldn’t win Kobetsu ticket for Milky for AKB’s upcoming new album….

Shimarena is my Kami Oshi!!! Her reaction at 2shot photo event is more than Kami!! lollollol

Shinarena… Your booooobs are touching his shoulder….

Is there any member in NNB who can stack up to Sawako or even surpass her???

Maybe now it7s about time to look back what the real Kami looks like….

In the past, there was a member who were holding fans hands whole time assigned to them (~15 seconds).
Though I don’t know there would still be such members…..

I guess, depends on fans looks or personalities, members change their reactions.
Just like everything about our lives, there are some that you can easily get along with while there’re some that you can never be friendly with.



LOL Who is this guy!!!

Uhmm? Ainyan’s finger touched a guy?
And… Joe-chan kinda looks like frightened baby sheep.

I want to see Murakami Ayaka-chan’s photo.

This guy’s face would somehow become so famous lol
I kind of feel sorry for him…. or did he himself share these photos here?

I think they are so courageous to reveal their faces here…

Ainyan’s thighs are so nice!!

LOL This is the definition of “Kami Reaction/Impersonation”!!!

Matsuda Shiokichi

Neko Mimi (Cat ears) lol

What a short skirt!!

I think NMB members costumes are really cute.
It seems they have several different uniforms, and all of them are nice!

Yoshida Akarin

How distant their chairs are from each other!! lol
Is it from Junjo-19’s 2 shot events or OMG’s events that the distance between chiars has become that distant???

It used to be very close like I thought my knee would almost touch Sayanee or Nana’s knees in 2 shot photo events for Zettai Kurokami Shojo in last October and OMG in last November…..

So all members lean closer to fans? Nice!

Yoshida and Matsui look so desparate to regain their fans….

Just picturing these middle-aged men asking members “Can you make ♥ together with me?” cracks me up lol

If all members lean toward fans, then why they put 2 chairs that distant each other in the first place??

I always think, “Why there are chairs anyway!?!?”

But without chairs, we can’t know how much members lean towards to fans lol

Maybe she is getting used to this event? 

Anyway, the thing is….. everyone is cute.

Please upload an awful 2 shot photo of Manatsu!!

For me, Manatsu Ota who have never been to any events or concerts, I want to say “Manatsu!! Good job!!”

Actually Manatsu has grown up and improved her reaction so much…

LOL That guy went for his 2nd 2 shot photo with Milky!!
Sayanee wished for me to win the ticket for her Seitansai!!

Me: Please stamp on me!!
Akarin: (Immediately answered) Okay!!!!
Me: LOL Okay? Really!??!
Ero teacher Moro Kanako

I went there. Member remains sitting on the chair as they are welcoming us.
So we can’t chat enjoy chatting much until we sit down.
(Or I should say there is no longer a lazy mood we used to enjoy in the past events. )
Staffs assigned to top members are handed luggage of fans as soon as we go through curtain and keep it for us to save time.
Sit down, and talk, soon they take a photo, then we waive a good bye.
If there’s a chance to talk with members, I think it’s after we are returned our cameras.
Anyway, this is what normal 2 shot event should be.
Before, we had too lucky that we could have much time to talk with them after we went through curtain.
As for Keira or Joe (popular but not top members), I think the situation hasn’t changed that much.


 Yagura Fuuchan
 Murakami Ayaka
 Murakami Ayaka
 Yogi Keira
 Yagura Fuuchan