Yuukosu gave advice on Pokemon game to Nishishi (and 3other topics on Mirurun, Yukirin, Kuumin and KojiYu’s unit song)

  July 18, 2012

Shirama Mirurun paparacci-ed her astounding sleeping posture

Joenishi Kei
Why are you sleeping like this… You make me so surprised Miruchan…..(‘Д‘;)
You can see the evolutionized version on Kanna’s G+

Shinohara Kanna
(This is connected to Keicchi’s post)
And this is the evolutionized version!

Yuukosu gave advice on Pokemon game to Nishishi

That girl who cried so hard because she about saving in Pokemon twice commented on Nishishi’s G+ lol

Nakanishi Yuuka

What is the weakness of Psychic Pokemon? (´・ω・`)
How can I make Pokemon forget moves they’ve learned from Hidden Machines?

By the way my current party consists of….

Nageki (Throh in English versions)

Sugamoto Yuko
They are weak to Ghost, Dark and Insect Pokemon!! You can make them forget HM by talking to Move Deleter in Hodomoe-city-(^-^)v
My recommended Pokemon is ガーディ (Growlithe in English version)! His cross flame is so awesome!!
Oh, by the way, I’m HKT’s Sugamoto (^q^) It’s nice to see you!

Yuukosu… Nishishi is in trouble….

Now SKE’s Nakanishi—san is asking help for Pokemon game~
Yuukosu, you gotta go! Show me your courage ^^

I found these comments on Yukosu’s G+. That’s the reason why Yuukosu visited Nishishi’s G+ ^^

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Yagami Kuumin received a letter from herself of 10 years ago

Yagami Kumi
Everyone, good evening(。ゝω・)ノ☆

I wanted to go out to play after school, today.
But I promised to organize the stuff that I keep in the closet….”

And this one has come up….(^・^;)汗
This was a letter to the myself of 10 years later.
Probably I wrote this when I was 6 or 7….
“One day, I want to be a dentist”

Kuumin is cute cute~~~~!!!

Kuumin’s poor handwriting gives me goosebumps all the time…

Kuumin wanted to be a dentist??? That’s scary in various ways…

Nakanishi Yuuka
Kuumin as a kid is so cute…♥

LOL She fished/flirted KD (Kodomo Daisuki)

I want dentist Kuumin to talk to me like, “Raise your hand if you feel pain”

AKB48 New Album contains KojiYu’s unit song!

Akimoto Yasushi
AKB48’s new album “1830m.”
Songs are completed one by one after the audio mixing.

The song of “KojiYu”, the unit of Yuko and Haruna, is also nice.
I think it’s because their voices have a good chemistry.

Don’t just include the new songs but also feature the previous songs that have already existed into the CD as well

But it will contain three of the pre-stage (pre-show) songs, won’t it?

Yasusu, so you will contain AtsuMina and TomoTomo’s unit songs, too, right?

Kashiwagi Yuki invited Junior members to have dinner with her!?!?

Sasaki Yukari
Today, I joined the Stage as Under of Kashiwagi-san (^-^)
And my current goals are:
Improve my singing skill!!
Making effort for this goal!!
Positively, and trust my own way of doing things!!
I’ll give it my best!!

By the way, I was asked by Kashiwagi-san to go to have dinner with her,
So I hope someday this will come true! (^-^)♥

Yukirin invites junior members who are junior to her by 9gen !!?!? 
(Yukirin: 3gen, Yukarun: 12gen)

Kashiwagi invites someone to have dinner with her!!?!?
This is so surprising that it would bring flood….

↑And it’s flooding in Kyushu….

And Yuihan won’t keep silent (and fight back because she loves younger members of 9gen so much ~)

Probably because Yukirin is very close to Yuihan, she has become interested in Yukarun who is also very close to Yuihan, I think??

Probably it is just a diplomatic remark of Yukirin, but as this has become public through G+, it’s interesting to see how Yukirin will deal with this .