NMB48 Watanabe Miyuki’s sleepover with a guy as reported by Shukan Bunshun

(Wrap Up) 14gen members Google Plus Update and one more about Oshima Ryoka!

Core idol wota/plastic surgeon Takasu announced most sought-after celebrity faces, Paruru is atop the ranking!

Real-life Sexy Loli Mukaichi Mion stole the show at Tv-Tokyo Ongaku-Sai…! (probly NSFW)

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Impressions on Shinoda Mariko’s graduation song on Music Station, ex-HKT48 Yuukosu’s private cooking event and 2 more


On the 12th of July 2013, Shinoda Mariko had her last ever performance in the popular music program, Music Station. AKB48 performed a special medley that began with Ue Kara

Former HKT48 Member Sugamoto Yuko to make a comeback in Showbiz as Cooking Talent


Former HKT48 member Sugamoto Yuko revealed she will make a comeback in showbiz as “Cooking Talent”. .  Earlier today, she retweeted a tweent posted by a TV show’s official account,

Former HKT member Yuukosu uploaded message video on Youtube


(This video and her account are ALIVE as of 8/23 11:40am JST.)

(News Flash!) HKT48 – Five 1st Gen Members To Quit!


Yuukosu gave advice on Pokemon game to Nishishi (and 3other topics on Mirurun, Yukirin, Kuumin and KojiYu’s unit song)


Shirama Mirurun paparacci-ed her astounding sleeping posture Joenishi KeiWhy are you sleeping like this… You make me so surprised Miruchan…..(‘Д‘;)You can see the evolutionized version on Kanna’s G+ Shinohara Kanna(This

Yuukosu resumed Pokemon one night after the tragedy (and 3 other stories on Team K after RESET Stage, Tano Tomu and Yuuskosu)


Cute relationship between next generation’s aces Muto Tomu on G+ 6/25 23:53 I’m back to home~(^ ^) Today, it was Kitahara-san’s Sentansai(Birthday Celebration Festival)!! Kitahara-san, happy birthday?? Somehow, I felt

One Night After The Surprise: HKT members and TGSK’s Encouraging Words to Sashihara (Updated: Sashiko’s last stage for team A will be in mid-July)


TGSK’s farewell message to Sashiko AKB Official Blog (written by TGSK) Regarding the matter on Sashihara Among enquiries I received from fans in regards to Sashihara’s hereafter, I have an