AKB48 changes the title of their official blog to “~From 1830m~” (and 2 other stories about Yoshida Akari and Saito Makiko)

  August 31, 2012

Kaneko Gou

Today, fans kindly held Sentansai for team N member Yoshida Akari.

A letter from Matsuda Shiori, who is her partner as well as her sister, smiles, tears… it was a funny but touching Seitansai. 

Thank you so much to fans who planned this amazing event for her.

Happy 16th birthday.
I’m looking forward to your future growth.

Seitansai T shirt designed for Yoshida & Group Photo……. wait….. MAACHUN????


LOL why was she was being the only aggressive one while others were just behaving normally….

Probably she took on the comedic role on behalf of Sayanee……

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LOL This is why I respect her!


Saitou Makiko 8/30 11:08

When Ogiso-tan approached me with a grin on her face, I thought she will probably try to take a peek inside my skirt LOL
But…. look! She gave me a birthday gift!! Thank you! Love you! I love you so much!!

Ogiso Shiori 8/30 14:01

I know :-> (that you love me)

LOL So in addition to dirty joke (*Shimoneta) Gomatan also does sexual harassment???

For your reference…… ´∀`


I love how they look like they are having fun!!