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AKB to sing Main Theme song for Disney's upcoming movie ”Sugar Rush” (Wreck-It Ralph)


AKB48 changes the title of their official blog to “~From 1830m~” (and 2 other stories about Yoshida Akari and Saito Makiko)


“ “LOL why was she was being the only aggressive one while others were just behaving normally…. “Probably she took on the comedic role on behalf of Sayanee…… Related story: Sayanee emulates

Watanabe Miyuki’s fishing feat. Oshima Yuko (and 3 other stories with Naana, Gingham Check sales and Sassy’s single)


“( ゚∀゚ ) “Whattttt???“I bet you. Yuko totally groped Milky’s boobs“Without any pictures!?!? (Letting my imagination run) Phew….. “You know what? This is what we call “Tomotsuri (Fishing friends)” Note: Tomosatsu (Photographing friends)

PV of "Nante Bohemian" by Under Girls is unexpectedly cool


“That “Aiyaiya~” part doesn’t look so wrong when I watch it in PV! “It proved that when it’s performed by attractive members, it can be an outstanding song no matter

SKE48 Special Stage Setlist. Members promoted to each team. Announcement of Akagumi and shirogumi Member


★Special Performance Setlist M01: PARTY ga Hajimaruyo (1st generation, 12people) M02: SKE48 (1st generation, 12 people) MC (1st generation, 12 people) M03: Te wo Tsuginagara (Team S, Uchiyama, Kobayashi Emiri)

Sexy photos of Wet Senbatsu (濡れ選抜) from Tokyo Dome concert!!


“ Guys, I think they are SKE girls. Though it’s hard to figure out who’s who except Airin, Makiko, Nishishi and Anna…. “ Yeah, probably the girls in the rear

A Sneak Peak into the World of AKB48 Doujin Games: Ai no Kazu


With the impending release of AKB48’s latest PSP dating simulation game, 1/153 Ren’ai Sousenkyo, it is time we take a look at some fan-made creations. One could say that the