PV of "Nante Bohemian" by Under Girls is unexpectedly cool

  August 31, 2012

That “Aiyaiya~” part doesn’t look so wrong when I watch it in PV!

It proved that when it’s performed by attractive members, it can be an outstanding song no matter how tune awful the tune is.

“Kimi no koto ga Sukidakara” was a perfect match for members who were in the middle of their adolescence.
This time, this song features Akicha, who now has become a matured beauty, along with Sayanee and Milky, Kuumin and Okaro, so it’s adult image perfectly suits them!! It’s very sophisticated and I think we can even call this, Kamikyoku.
And…. Sayanee’s shaking hip movement is…. stunning!!

Though it’s very short….. Footage from TOKYO Dome.

I think doing such quick and detailed choreography with members who belong to different groups is ridiculous lol
But if this choreography is completely synchronized, I think it can be a crazily cool performance!!

“Korekara Wonderland” and “Area K”….. I think director Nakamura Taikou loves to have that gay actor in his PV haha
Anyway, I think Akicha looks stunning in this PV!!

Yeah!!! Both the shot of her back in the opening and dancing scene in the latter portion where she was dressed in a black costume looked awesome!!!

And I think a commercial for SEVEN.net is still yet to be released. When it will start airing?

But, quite honestly, overall, this time, Future Girls’ performance was better than UG…..

I love this MV. They take the ranking of the election into account, but they also made it the way that all members can have appearances in the PV.
I can’t say this is as good as “Dakishimecha ikenai”, but is far better than “Namida no Seesaw Game”!

This reminded me of MV of SDN’s “Yaritagariya-san”.
Uhm? Yeah, SDN’s one is far sexier….

-Gomachan’s diving brought me a feeling of Deja Vu from “Pareo to Emerald”…..
-No one can stack up to Yuppai
-With this black costume and wig, make-up, it’s almost impossible to tell who’s who…. lol

My favorite shots.

-Sayanee and Milky’s sexiness when they are in Bikini
-The scene where Flat chested Okaro appears right after SayaMiru.
-Back shot of Akicha in swimsuit
-Yuppai’s Doyagao face

When I listen to the song after I watched MV, it gives me a whole different impression.
Probably because this is different from a typical image of idols songs, it has become controversial.
But I think it’s awesome that they could achieve this degree of perfection when they were trying breaking the past images of the members in this PV!!

Song-wise, I like “Show fight!” better, but MV-wise, “Bohemian” is a lot better, I think.
I get soon fed up with the PV of “Show fight!” like after I’ve watched it for 5 times….

That’s what I expected from talented members like Akicha, Sayanee, Milky, Okaro and Yuppai.
That heavy make-up of Sawako and her rare pantsuit shot was very fresh to my eyes!
And….. Paruru seems to have not much presence in this MV…. Maybe because this tune and choreography is too hard for her?

I thought they filmed this in a set but it was filmed in a location.

“Doremifa Onchi” also had a good tune. After all, what matters is whether it’s composed by Yoshimasa or not.

MV of “Show fight!” is cool, but when I pictured the MV played by the members of Under Girls, it would be like real bloody fight…

This is an awesome gif made by an Akicha Ota.

↑LOL That was made by me.

I also made one for Masuda Yuka-chan.

I’m watching the MV for many times to find other good scenes.

I wonder about what’s the meaning of Akicha ripping a magazine.

I think because the cover of the magazine transforms into black costume, it depicts a sort of “two sides”.

Yeah I think that’s correct as they are white and balck.

I think members who’re good at dancing had huge advantage for this song.
It’s awesome that we will be able to watch them performing this song live!

↑Probably they intentionally made it a hard dance tune as it was not that difficult to expect that these members will rank in 17~32th.