AKB と XX!! Asian Special in Jakarta – Impressions and thoughts

  September 14, 2012

First of all, I was moved so much. Also, I’m surprised that Yuko was there.

A girl in JKT48 who was Center for Aitakkatta was so cute.

This TV program is awesome!! Looks like it spends more money than Golden time TV shows!?!?

I didn’t expect much of this Asian Special, but unexpectedly I was so moved.

It’s such regretful that AKB と XX is only aired in Kansai area…..
Though I must say because it’s produced by TV company based in Kansai, they can make such an awesome and pure TV show…..

I made my mind that when JKT will release their CD in Japan, I will definitely buy it.

Yuihan’s tears…. LOL

AKB と XX is by far the best TV show of all TV shows that AKB members appear.
It’s like…. What the hell other TV shows are doing?

TV companies based in Kansai really knows what audiences want to watch.
They really understand what AKB is all about and how to who the charm of AKB to the fullest.
With much smaller budget than Tokyo based companies, they are doing unbelievably fantastic job.

Then again I’m convinced that Minegishi is a great woman. Withoutany knowledge of English, not to mention Indonesian, she tried her best to communicate with people….

I love to watch AKB members get serious about what they are doing. It’S so rare to see such moments in TV programs aired in Tokyo….
This line of Minegishi made me shed tears.

“First, I didn’t think I would give it everything (to promote JKT48 in Indonesia), but after I met them in person…. When I saw them even shedding tears…. it changed my mind and now I’m trying my best for my little sisters.”

I’m so impressed by Miichan’s dancing skill. While Yuihan couldn’t emulate that traditional Indonesain dance well, Minegishi owned it, completely made it into her own style.

JKT girls reminded me of AKB girls in theri early period. It reminded me the days I went to AKB48 theater like everyday to watch “Party ga Hajimaruyo” Stage. That freshness, that brilliance….. I gotta Oshihen to Cleopatra…

Melody-chan is co cute, too. Look these photos…

It was so lucky for JKT48 that the first TV show that featured JKT48 in Japan was AKB と XX!.

I bet many Japanese people, many AKB fans were impressed by Miichan’s efforts to support JKT48, and probably many has been now already attached to JKT48^^