Footage of Joe Eriko’s graduation announcement

  September 4, 2012


Transcript: NMB48 team M member Joe Eriko announces her graduation


“What the hell!?!!?!?”


↑But it’s understandable that they couldn’t help but shout….

 Whatever people may say, she has been considered as a member who will take charge of the future of NMB48 after Sayanee and Milky…. It’s understandable all AKB Ota were enormously shocked by her graduation….

Watanabe Miyuki 9/4 2:56pm

It was nice to have spoken with Joe!

It was really really nice!

Whether it will be right now or after she has sorted it all out, 

You can come back to us anytime!!!!

I’ll be waiting for you!

Everyone has different idea of Happiness. So whichever path they choose, I just hope everyone can be happy in the end in their own respective ways.