Kuramochi Asuka’s activity report of “MimitaBU”

  September 12, 2012
Abe Maria 9:53 9/11

Kuramochi-san! The captain of MimitaBu♪
Happy birthday( °o°)( °∀ °)(°o° )

Captain, I really like you♥

Kuramochi Asuka 10:42 9/11

(Heart Pounding)
Thank you
( ˘ 3˘)♥


Welll, AbeMari is the only member of MimitaBu except Mochiko

Abe Maria 16:17 9/11

☆Activity report of “MimitaBU”☆

I ate Jobi’s ear!
It’s relatively big and rubbery!!

Vice captain.


What a face!! хорошо!!!

Borushige’s face LOL

It’s so rare to see Murashige, who is always aggressive, is being under attack !!!

Borushige-chan…. she is always aggressive but…. actually she is very weak when she is assaulted by someone?

↑ According to members, she is ultra masochist!!

The only club which keep being active is AKB MimitaBu, doesn’t it??

↑Well…. AKB art club does also keep being active, well…. though it’s only active in a column of a very small corner of one magazine.

Is this a sign that Captain Mochikura will some day taste Murashige’s ear??

Kuramochi Asuka 17:50 9/11

Good Jobo(♥﹏♥)o
I’ll taste it next time!

So when Mocchi will tour to HKT48, not only Murashige but Sakuratan, Haruppi and Wakatabe will be preyed by Mochiko!?

It’s gonna be something like this.

Mocchi: “Sakurachan. Can I taste you ear? You know, My mom is from Kagoshima… hehe”
Mocchi: “Haruppi. We were in the same Senbatsu. So can I taste you ear?”
Mocchi: “Wakaharu-chan. Both of our fathers are former professional baseball players. So can I taste you ear?”

Kojima Haruna 22:33 9/11

Today is Mocchi’s birthday!!
Mocchi! Happy birthday☆~(ゝ。∂)
Please care about my ear from now on too~~!!

Kuramochi Asuka 22:42 9/11

Haruna-cha~~~~~nnnNNN!ん(๑ơ ₃ ơ)♥ I love you!

LOL she is approved by Kojiharu!!

There was an exchange like this at Mochiko’s Sentansai on Sep 11.