TV Commercials for “Saba-Doru” feat. Mayuyu aired for 6 times in a row last night!!!

  September 10, 2012

During broadcasting of TV Tokyo’s “Nogizaka tte Doko” last night, TV ads for Mayuyu starring Drama “Saba-Doru”‘s DVD release was aired for 6 times in a row!!

Furukawa Airi 0:31 9/10

I watched the TV ad for Saba-Doru’s DVD release that featured Mayuyu-san, for 6 times in a row!!!
The phrase has now been stuck in my head lol
Mayu-san was so cute as always♪ She healed me so much~~!
Suzuki Mariya 0:27 9/10

Wait…. Is this TV broken??

It only airs Mayuyu-san’s commercials….??