Director of "Ariyoshi Kyowakoku" asks まとめんばー to promote the show and 2 more

  October 16, 2012
Kaneko Tsuyoshi

Today's NMB48 theater is Kokoichibanya curry house presents NMB48's Exclusive performance.

The show was so successful!

Thank you so much everyone for coming to the theater today!

After the show, we presented fans meal tickets and snacks offered from Kokoichi-san.

The inside of the snack package is Curry Rusk and I'm afraid I'll be addicted to this taste!



Sayanee….. lol

Wowooooowwww No Ainyan in this photo!?!?

Nana is insanely cute in this photo but what's wrong with Sayanee lol

Over all this is a good photo!

Sayanee's face lol

Sayanee, don't look at me with an innocent smile that reminds me Joe-chan….

Sayanee looks like something, but I can't remember…

And I'm jealous of the dude who got a clear file with Milky's cheek powder on it!

Milky and Akarin are cute as always.

Sayanee is emulating Obachan in Osaka?

Yamada Nana




There're members I haven't seen before.

I think they're daughters or sons of the sponsor.

It makes me smile to see they let girls in the front position between members, while men are standing in the furthest row. If it were opposite, it would drive fans insane lol

Akarin and Shiokichi's skin is so fair.

LOL'd at how ridiculously cute Ainyan is.


It's announced officially.

It'll move to Monday 26:04.

The next episode will be aired on Nov 12.



I think, among 13gen members, Yuiri had been the show's Oshimen, right?

I hope they will continue to promote Yuiri in their show~

Oh ya━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━!! But it so midnight!!!

Takeda lol

Takeda Ryota

Dear AKB Matomember

Please promote the TV show Arisyoshi Kyowakoku.

It will re-start airing from Nov 12th.

We'll move to Monday Midnight!!!


キタ━━━(゚∀゚)━( ゚∀)━(  ゚)━(  )━(  )━(゚  )━(∀゚ )━(゚∀゚)━━━!!
yudai takenaka

Takeda Ryuta

It's all thanks to your support!!!

Thank you so much!!!


Matomember lol

As expected, all of staffs associate with AKB know the website.

What a great influence it has!

Matomember lol

Takeda: “Please leave nice comments so that Metomember can easily publish an article on their website.” (←fan's joke)

Good news!

I'm impressed!

Looking forward to crappy farce!!

This is a news that makes my heart bound for the first time in a long time!!!

Thank you so much Matomember!

Another proof that members are reading Matomember.

I hope this time, Matomember will make an article without any bias.

I don't want to see biased coverage of this news just because Sashihara rarely make an appearance on it.

↑Don't worry. Sashi is a semi regular member of the show, so they will definitely make an article favorable way.

If he would ever name AKB Sokuhou instead, AKB fandom would go insane lol

※AKB Sokuhou is Anti AKB website that shares useless shits. 

Please bring Milky to the show!

Please make a show in milky white color!!

Ariyoshi Hiroyuki

Will I join the show, too?
Takeda Ryuta

What're you talking President! Of course you'll will be dressed in the same costume!


LOL'd. Sure, without Arisyoshi, how come this show called Ariyoshi Kyowakoku can work.

Matomember, Ariyoshi (who has 1.7 million followers on twitter)…. It's so lucky of Takeda that he got support of the two of influential media.

I didn't know AndareP and Takeda Ryuta are acquaintances.

Actually all of my impression on this news is “Matomember has a tremendous influence among AKB fandom”…… lol


Yudai Takenaka 10/15

Why the heck is former Harugon holding Nakayan's birthday cake!?!?


Though cake and raw ham were already eaten by Nakagawa-san and other members, we congratulated Nakaya-san's birthday during today's show!!

Happy 21th birthday!

Yudai Takenaka


Because today (10/15) is 21th birthday of Nakaya-san, we prepared a gorgeous cake for Nakaya-san!

But because Nakaya-san doesn't like sweets that much, she only enjoyed strawberries put on the top of the cake.

And, Nakagawa-san, who ordered the cake were enjoying the cake with gusto lol



LOL Looks like as it were a birthday party for Haruka-san

Harugo….. Haruka-san congratula….. LOL She stands out too much!

I know Gonsan ordered a cake with knowing that Nakayan doesn't like sweets!! What a clever girl!!

LOL It's so confusing! It's so hard to tell whose birthday party is this.


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  1. tokidoki says:

    I’m so happy that Ariyoshi AKB Kyowakoku is coming back 🙂