[TV Recap] 浜ちゃんが, SKE48 Matsui Jurina: “My monthly allowance is 5,000 yen”

  October 17, 2012

Her wallet looks worn-out so much…

I think she doesn’t have any trouble by having little money, coz perhaps people around her buy stuffs for her.

It’s such a heartwarming episode that she shopped at ドンキホーテ in Roppongi.

Small living room, her study desk in the room, and she lays out even the bedding on the same room….

I hope for this Christmas, she can celebrate it with a birthday cake they buy at a cake shop, not with a cake her mom was presented at her workplace…

I’m relieved that Juriina’s parents (or mom) is trying to treat her as a normal high school student. No matter how much she earns, it’s better to have control over your child financially so as to make her obtain a sense of the value of money.

I think definitely her parents buy necessary stuffs like cloths for Kobetsu handshake events. Nice parenting.

I want her to always be a down-to-earth girl like she is now.

I can’t help but change my image of Jurina once again…. Damn…. how shallow I am lol

A room with a heater

Extremely delighted with Sweets available at convenient stores

Cheap beef

Shabby kitchen unit

↑ My eyes got teary as early as when I saw the first photo.

I wanted all the girls to be happy in the future, but I especially hope Jurina to live a happy life….

It’s pretty normal for a high school girl.

Personally I think high school girls showing off channel bags on streets of Shibuya or Omote Sando is a odd sight.

Her worn-out wallet has added a persuasiveness to this episode…

So fans of other members sometimes make fun of her, but don’t you think it’s not bad to make her your Oshi? I think she is a kind of girl who resonates with Ota.

↑But she has AkiP on her side, so I kinda think I can’t play an important role for her career unlike many of other members.

↑I feel sorry for her as she’s been said like that since or even before her debut….

I would rather describe it “She cherishes and well uses her wallet” rather than “She has been  using it til it’s torn-out”

The last photo.

The pan stuck up on the microwave open look very old but clearly they’ve taken good care of it as it doesn’t look rusty at all, and neatly stuck up.

(゜ー゜夏) “Man, I love Jurina, too much…, way too much, but can’t help it”


As expected of Masana, she looks quite at home in dealing with Jurina.


Jurina is so cute in this photo♥


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