Majisuka Gakuen 3 has ended and 2 more about Takamina and Mariko, MesiYagi

  October 5, 2012

What are they doing?

Shinoda Mariko 0:04 10/6

After Music Station special, General Manager (総監督/そうかんとく) and I are at the meeting! And I will head for another meeting from now!!



Probably they're talking about the new team A?

You can see a paper that has members faces on it.
Proabably they're talking about new team A

I think Mariko is just looking at Takamina deciding everything by herself…

After the music station!??!? And another meeting??? Takamina, Mariko…. they're working so hard…..

Minami-chan is so cute in this photo.
Mariko, thank you so much!
I think it's about the new team A. The new team A has one less member than other teams, so they are talking about who they should add to the team???

↑But it has nothing to do with the actual theater performance, because they only need 16 members for it.

Oct 11, Mokugekisha – team A

Cast: Iwasa, Ohta, Ohya, Katayama, Kuramochi, Shinoda, Nakata, Nakaya, Maeda, Matsubara, Oshima Ryoka, Kobayashi Marina, Fujita Naan, Muto Tomu, Morikawa Ayaka, Murayama Yuiri

Ohhhhh Mariko!

Mariko! It's so rare to see Senbatsu member to join the theater performance on Thursday!!

Probably Mariko will join theater performance more after she's become a Captain.

↑And That's a part of the reason why Akimoto chose her for a captain, probably lol

Coca Cola at the right side of Takamina as always ^^


Nagao Mariya 10/5 23:34

Majisuka Gakuen 3!! The final Episode!!

The final product looks so cool!

Please check it out(ヽ´ω`)


Nagao Mariya 10/5 23:36

Majisuka Backstory!!

Nagao Mariya 10/5 23:38

Majisuka Gakuen 3
When it's decided that we will join the Drama, and I read the script,
YagiMesi weren't combi.

Nagao Mariya 10/5 23:40

I was a part of junior members in Majisuka2,
But this time for Majisuka3, I was told that they want me to appear as a senior and have a confident swagger.

Nagao Mariya

The chain of Yagi and Messi didn't exist originally, but because I had a chain, a costume staff figured let's connect them with the chain! haha.

Nagao Mariya 10/5 23:42

That's why we've become a combi!

Nagao Mariya 10/5 23:45

Why we're Combi? I asked to them.

The smart type of girl, Messi.

The violent type of girl, Yagi.

Dead eyes and insane eyes.
The two are the polar opposite.
The two respect each other and balanced together well.


Messi has a beaten up face, so she hasn't been dead because of the poison from the bracelet.

When she hacked the system, she didn't have any external injury.


Shimada Haruka 0:53 10/6

Masjisuka 3 was so awesome\(^o^)/

It's so nice to have a chance to join this Drama,

It's so nice to meet with Members and Staffs for this Drama(^^)

Can I ask what is your Maji?☆?



Where is Yuria-chan~~~!!!!

I guess they will make a movie adaptation of Majisuka…

【What we figured out from Majisuka3】

・AKB48 will be lead by Shimazaki, Kizaki and Kawaei in the future

・The movie adaptation will be the story where Shimazaki, Kizaki and Kawaei will save other members.

【What I can't understand about Majisuka3】

・I thought Jurina is a part of next generation

・Why Jurina and Iriyama didn't escape from the prison.

Considering the fact this Drama is based on the script made by Akimoto Yasushi,

I think the last scene implies not Majisuka 4 or movie adaptaion, but,

Next generation members will be liberated from the underground or closed world of underground scene,

And breakthrough into the outside world, called Major Scene.

And the real fight and trials for them will start from now.

After all, this Drarma convinced me that Akimoto found something special in Yuria and has put so much expectation on Yuria's acting skill.

↑I can understand it because Majisuka is depicting kind of parallel story of the real AKB48 time to time since Majisuka 1, but I think it's plausible that they will make a movie adaptation of Majisuka 3.

What so obvious was that Kawaei, who seemed not to necessarily escape from the prison with Paru and Peace, somehow followed the two and survived….

Kizaki Yuria 1:08 10/6

Everyone who have watched Majisuka3,
who will watch Majisuka 3,

Thank you so much.

The first Majisuka series I joined, Majisuka3.
I've learned a lot from this Drama!!

Acting is really a profound undertaking….

When I was acting as Peace,
I thought I gave it everything I got,
But when I watch the broadcasting,
There're many things tha disappoint me(´×ω×`)

But that's why i found acting interesting and something that I love.

Though it'll be lonely,
I've been so happy that I was given a lot of opportunities for acting\(^o^)/

I will work hard more.

I will work hard and become a better actress.

That's all for tonight, good night everyone(´・ω・`)



I actually saw Yuria's cry in acting for the first time.

ParuPeace has surpassed SenNezu….

By the way they don't say “To be Continued” but “To be Continuted

Again, they will always make a room to excuse…

By the way, I wonder how they make a profit by making a movie of a midnight drama like this…

I think very few people will actually watch it.

↑Mainly they will scoop money from DVD sales.

↑x2 They make movie adaptations because they want to sell DVDs.

With the established reputation of AKB, it's easy to sell DVDs to rental video shops, and many of Ota will rent them at Tsutaya etc.

↑Actually it's more like AKB bought the midnight time slot to broadcast the Drama in order to sell the DVD.

↑It sounds so risky business….

Basically this Drama was made to market young talents like Yuria or Kawaei, and it succeeded in it. But it was only only the two, but Messi, Mariyagi and Kuumin also proved they can be a good actress.

Actually I have an impression junior members are more cut out to actress than senior members.

After all, Yasusu has an eye to find the real talent…

Akimoto Yasushi 2012/07/12 - 0:37

Kizaki Yuria is astoundingly great. She is ridiculously good at acting. Where did she learn it?

↑Miyu's fighting pose and An'nin's foot sweep, plus Nobunaga's something were praised by Acchan Ota pro wrestler.

But for the other members, the wrestler expressed his dissatisfaction for their acting.

Story-wise, basically I'm so confused. All foreshadowings has become all the more confusing….

Our battle will continue…… uhmmmm.



Yamamoto Sayaka 23:20

Music Station was over!

Today, I performed as Under of Jurina-san >< I got so nervous more than usual~~~~~(ToT)

Fujita Nana 10/5 23:03

I watched it! You were freaking cool(´○`)♥

I sent a message to you!!←

Ueki Nao 22:57

I watched Music Station that I recorded.

Sasshii, Sakura, good job(^^)/

Sakura…. I'm jealous.
You looked so cool, different from usual☆

And Yamamoto Sayaka-san!!!!

I'm absorbed in Sayaka-san's performance!!
So cool…..

I repeated it again and again.

I want to become a performer like Sayaka-san!!




Who is this girl?

She is from Hakata.

Ueki Nao 10/5 23:08

Ahhhhh Sayanee-san's comment form is already full(sob*)(ToT)(ToT)(ToT) 
Yamamoto Sayaka 10/5 23:09

Nao-chan thank you(´;ω;`)


After she's become Maachun Oshi, will she change her No.1 Oshi in NMB48 to Sayanee? lol

Come on guys!! NMB48 topped the sales ranking of Artists who made a debut in 2011 which was announced in today's Music Station, and NMB48 theater was introduced a bit!

Yamamoto Sayaka 10/5 23:48

I was so surprised that we topped the sales ranking of artists that made a debut  in 2011, too(´;ω;`)

Thank you everyone who's always supported us with warm cheers.

Thank you so much><☆★ Thanks to you, we've achieved it!

Iriyama Anna 10/5 23:53


Miyawaki Sakura 23:09

Good evening♪
This is Miyawaki Sakura!


I checked my performance in today's music station♪

I can barely find myself in the back row, behind all my seniors.

Watching the performance, once again I'm convinced my seniors are great.

When I was performing with my seniors, I felt an outstanding aura as artist, power that attracts many fans and enormous presence from them.

I felt I want to approach the caliber of these great seniors.

I know few TV viewers know who I am.
I think many people just thought “Who is this girl?” when they watched me in today's Music Station.

But I want them to remember me as HKT48's Miyawaki Sakura when I was given such a great chance.

In order to be remembered by people, I must appear in the screen more.

Today, Sayanee-san was in the position of Jurina-san.
I want to be a girl who is trusted to perform someone else's position, too!

In order to achive this, I just need to make efforts.

It's easy to write this, easy to say this,
But it's very difficult to take an action.




Though Sayaka herself said she was being nervous, she looked so confident unlike the Janken tournament.

If I can ask one thing to the camera crew, I wanted to watch more distant shot, and see how she stands out when we watch her along with everyone else.

What amazing about this whole thing is…… AN'NIN could leave a comment on Sayanee's post which reached 500 comments at the speed of light….



  1. GenkiKoala says:

    Takamina’s hair makes her more beautiful

    • Scotur says:

      I personally think short hair suits her better.
      But she’s beautiful anyway.

      • GenkiKoala says:

        I agree also, ponytail now looks out of place with her now that we’ve seen short hair. But the picture is perfect because of her posture, her look of seriousness, and the long shining hair makes her look very dignified.

  2. noodles says:

    sayanee is 100% ikemen all the time thanks to her short hair.

  3. ryan says:

    i think Takamina have a discussion with mariko about JKT48 2nd Gen