(Poll) AKB48 28th Single “UZA” MV is the coolest thing ever?

  October 14, 2012

I’d been worried when I heared Joseph again directs AKB48’s MV, but it was a needless worry.
Although I don’t dislike Gingham’s pop style, I was concerned about if he will direct UZA in the same style….

So yeah, don’t you think UZA’s MV is the coolest thing ever?

Oh wait!! Still, I can’t forgive him as he didn’t give Nyan long exposure in the MV AGAIN!!!!

UZA’s MV is the best thing ever.

I don’t think they will ever be able to make MV cooler that this.

UZA’s single artwork is the best thing ever.

I had an image that AKB’s album or single artworks are basically uncool,

but my image has now changed.

Please keep it up.

↑This is not a single artwork of UZA.

That’s an image made by me to promote UZA throughout 2ch.

Joseph proved his talent with UZA. I think we have no complaint if they’re gonna hire Joseph Khan for 2 of AKB’s MV each year.

First of all, it’s nonsense to expect beautiful Drama as awesome as something directed by Mr. Takahashi Eiki, from Gaijin director.

And AKB hired him with keenly knowing it.

Anyways, this MV is ill!!

I’ve watched it for 50 times already!


I think the member who Joseph actually want to promote in this MV is Yokoyama.

I’m impressed by the fact that an oriental girl can transform herself into a completely different image only by a different makeup.

Sure, I’ll buy UZA, to get a voting ticket for Request Hour.

Let me tell my honest thought…. I think the MV is absolutely cool, but at the same time, I wanted to see cute appearances of members in the MV…..

Of course, Presence, Career, Yuko is a special person for AKB, and I acknowledged the a fact she’s stand the pressure from Anti for all these years for the sake of AKB.

But….. I think Jurina and Yuko is inherently different…. Jurina does have something special Yuko can’t ever acquire.

You should notice Yuko’s outstanding broadest muscle of back that you can briefly see at the last of the scene where she dances as a Ballerina.

Sure, Jurina is a girl who is chosen by God, but Yuko is also an idol that is chosen by people of the same era.

I have an impression that Sassy doesn’t get any of closeup in the MV. Am I right?

Personally I’m impressed by Paruru.

She is not a kind of person who is excellent in something,

but I can feel that she gave this MV everything she’s got,

and you can sense it from the final product.

Sakuratan is also stunning for the same reason.

Can anyone tell me who’s this girl?

Obviously Paruru.

It’s impossible to mistake Paruru in this photo with other girls.

I’ve decided to support Paruru after I watched this Paruru.

↑I can feel you!
She has such an alluring face in the MV!

Paruru has received so many bashing.

But now she has possessed a daring look of Senbatsu members

I love the decadent and dark mood in the “Doll” part.

As a person who is DD, every member looks either cool or beautiful.

One thing I’m not content with is there’s too many film transition and the image is over all very dark.
But on the whole, this is very well made PV and enough compensates it’s shortcomings.
I want to see making footage, but will they ever release it?

I think the worst PV is Manatsu no Sounds Good!
Though Dance ver. looks okay, the song has too many members.

↑Manatsu actually has very well configured images.
Having too many members is not a problem of MV itself but a problem of Senbatsu.
Gingham doesn’t depict any of Darama and treat members like rubbish. And awfully enough, they made Yukirin kiss a dude.
The director didn’t understand what it meant to make MV of Election Single.
Personally I think Gingham is the worst PV ever.

When they’re gonna perform UZA in the new teams, I will pay close attention to Abe Maria, Tomu and Naana.
I’m looking forward to see how they can stack up to old team K members !!!!

Personally I think Sakura-tan looks nice in the MV, too

I keenly felt the gap between Sayanee and Milky…
Milky got tons of exposure in the MV…..

What great about Mikly is she can “fish” while she is dancing this hardest choreography ever of all AKB48’s songs.
When I watched UZA during the Janken tournament, I was convinced she is a real talent.

Some people are complaining that Yuko has less appearance in chorus parts.

↑I think they deliberately avoid from putting too much focus on W Center? It can be said to not only MV but also song performances on TV.

I think he has a fine sensibility for creating beautiful and captivating images, and this MV does look cool.
But it has too many cuts…. It makes me dizzy….

Of all AKB’s MVs, I think UZA has the best appearances of Milky, Jurina, Kojiharu and Yukirin.

I really like Milky’s movement.
She can do both Hip Hop style dance and Balllet dance, and can do both at a very high level.

↑She’s learned Lock dance, too, so she is good at dancing aggressively, too!

Cast of members in UZA’s MV

Black Goth (The puppeteer of dolls): Matsui Jurina, Watanabe Mayu
Ballerina Dolls on the box: Oshima Yuko, Watanabe Miyuki
Standing Marionette: Shimazaki Haruka, Sashihara Rino
Sitting Marionette: Matsui Rena, Miyawaki Sakura
Mechanical Dolls in the glass case: Takahashi Minami, Yamamoto Sayaka
Pilots of air combat fighter Dolls: Itano Tomomi, Minegishi Minami, Yokoyama Yui
Clown pops up from Jack In The Box: Kashikagi Yuki

So basically this is a kind of video where dolls in a garret are animated and start moving.

Which means….. this has the same concept as “Genie” and “Gee” by SNSD lol

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I love Mayuyu being amazed at the sight where Yukirin is popping out from the box lol
I guess the director learned about members a lot more after he filmed Gingam’s MV?

I think if Gingham Check is something like “Japan seen from the eyes of Gaijin”, UZA is kind of “Japanese Idols filmed in an American style”

I have an impression that the part where members dance as dolls is main, and the part they dance as a group is sub.
I kinda feel it would be better if they put more focus on collective dance.

I can’t understand why ballerina combi (Milky and Yuko) are raved so much….
They look okay during normal dance scenes, but the part where they dance as ballerina is such a turn-off for me.
Incidentally, KojiMari and YukiMayu look nice in the PV.

Hey, though it’s belated to say this, this song sounds much cooler when you listen to it through ear-buds!
The bassy sounds make the song about 10 times cooler!!!

The director: “I made a cool PV^^”
Minegishi, Yokoyama: “Damn……”

Thanks to the MV, even the song sounds cooler.
What disappointing is the lyrics, after all….

If you read the lyrics too much, you may find it very “black”, so I try to enjoy it as something that has some evil meaning.

Some factors that make “UZA” PV looks nice
・Joseph’s sensibility is nice
・Because of the graduation of Maeda, the PV doesn’t give too much focus on one particular member ← I think this is one of the biggest factor

Single in Spring: Iwai Shunji or Kore’eda Hirokazu
Summer Single contains voting ticket: Takahashi Eiki
Election Single: Famous PV director
Autumn Single: Joseph
Janken Single: Takahashi Eiki

I think this rotation will work fine.
I know people hate when AKB48 uses famous PV directors, but personally I think it’s necessary.

Though her direction of “Heavy Rotation” PV is a target of severe criticism,
I actually like the style of Ninagawa Mika.

↑Yes. Though Hebirote is disliked by many people, I think that pink color scheme, sweet snacks and flowers in teenage girls rooms are something only female creators can produce.

Sometimes inviting creators who have completely different worldviews or styles that seem not to match AKB48 is necessary. Even though it’s controversial, Ninagawa’s direction was rather fresh, I think.

Certainly this MV is cool, but it’s more like a PV for Yuko, Jurina and Mayuyu rather than a PV of UZA Senbatsu…

Sometimes we want to see some change.
It’s indisputable that Director Takahashi is the best PV director for AKB.
But if he would direct all AKB48’s PVs throughout a year, I think we would get bored of them.

I don’t dislike this All-In-One style of MV directed by Joseph.
The chorus part of Gingham was a reminiscent of West Side Story, and looked cool, I think.

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