SKE48 Request Hour Setlist Best 50 2012 ~神曲かもしれない (Perhaps Godly Songs)~ Day Two Best 25 to 1

  October 13, 2012

Hirata Rikako’s bright smile on the screen as Hazumisaki was selected No.1 favorite of SKE48 this year

“Omoide Ijo” won the 2nd spot (from the left: Hiramatsu Kanako, Matsui Jurina, Kinoshita Yukiko)

Matsui Rena’s solo number “Kareha no Station” won the 3rd spot, but couldn’t accomplish 3 consecutive win.

The song performed by Under Girls A, the unit including Hirata Rikako, won this year’s SKE Request Hour

Request Hour Setlist Best 50 2012, Hazumisaki

“Kamoku na Tsuki” won 31th place

“Kamigami no Ryoiki” won 38th place

“Sunenagara Ame” won the 45th spot

Tsuzuki Rika and Takeuchi Mai from the SKE48 theater under refurbishment

Maestro Furukawa introduce her future prediction of SKE48 10th anniversary. (Members name) will become like 6 years later!


♪Koi o Kataru Shijin ni Narenakute

♪Bazooka-hou Hassha

♪Kodoku na Ballerina

 ♪ Wimbledon he Tsuretette

♪To be continued

Me ga Itaikurai Hareta Sora

 ♪Kareha no Station

♪Omoide Ijo


Rikachan!! Congratulation!!!!

Congratulation on those who voted for Hazumisaki!

Did I contribute the song’s win? ^^

This is why I love SKE48!! This group is so captivating!

3rd Kareha

2nd Omoide Ijo


1st Hazumisaki

Jurina and Rena Ota understood what they should do for this Request Hour

Finally, We can send off Mary (Hirata Rikako) with a relief…..

Rikachan! Congratulation!!!!!!

Except the fact that title tracks of singles decreased a lot, this Request Hour was awesome overall!!

This is “All’s Well That Ends Well”!!

Congratulation!! This is what I was expecting of my fellow SKE OTa! You guys are awesome!

Why suddenly Hazumisaki won this year’s request hour?

It’s because they wanted this song to win for the sake of Rikachance??

HazuMisaki winning this year’s Request Hour is what all SKE Ota wished to realize for the sake of leader Hirata.

What a wonderful ending!!

This is the collective will of SKE Ota!!!

This is reminiscent of Kodoku na Runner winning the 3rd spot in that Request Hour….?

Man…. I can’t stop tears…

↑That’s exactly what happened.

Gratitude to the leader who always work behind the scenes for the group made this song won this Request Hour.

It’s not popularity but LOVE for Rikachan made this song won the 1st spot.

Maybe it’s hard to understand non SKE Ota, but all SKE Ota are shedding tears at this result.

Touching scenes of Request Hour

2009 1st Shonichi

2010 2nd Kimi no kotoga sukidakara

2011 2th Omatase Set List

2012 3rd Kodoku na Runner


2012 1st Hazumisaki 

↑Please add 2012 14th Kurukuru pa~~

↑I can’t stop tears….


The song is nice, it’s MV is nice, and it’s Lyrics are so touching, depicting the brilliant time in one’s adolescence .