TV Recap – Shukan AKB Kawaei Rina – りっちゃんのひとりでできるもん 2012/10/12

  October 12, 2012

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It started━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━!!!

Actually I can already say for sure, this will definitely be a Godly Episode!

Whoa she sings!?

Uhmmm She can dance decently, but her singing is…. orz

Wait…. This is too much LOLI!! I hope the director who wrote the plan for this show won’t be arrested lol

Ricchan Ricchan Ricchan

I’m not sure what kind of face I will be making while I’m watching this show….

Please check out the past appearance of Ricchan as an elementary school student, aka LoRicchan.

I gotta Ohihen to Ricchan…

They used 3 minutes for this song….lol

LOL I can’t believe she improved her dancing skill.

Obviously it looks like she hasn’t done radio gymnastic exercises before…. lol

I think the comedian  should counter more aggressively….

Without the comedian, this would be just a weird….

Though I’m Kawaei Ota, I don’t want them to market her this way…. this show is obviously trying to create fuss among fans and Anti….

AKB’s Next generations are full of Ponkotsu….

↑It’s more like AKB’s management favorites are Ponkotsu….

If you look at Hakata, there’s a top -of-the -class type member called Miyawaki Sakura.