AKB48 Waiting Stage by the new team A, K and B, Starting members announced!!! (and 4 more)

  October 21, 2012

1. Rena-chan, Don’t use Melonpan as Breast Enhancer Pads!

2. Don’t call us 3 airhead trio! (Kuumin, Yuria, Non)

3. Paruru, FAIL at making a funny face

4. Question to AKB48 girls, What’s your favorite photography pose? – Music Japan 10.21.2012

5. AKB48 Waiting Stage, Starting members Announced!!!

So who are members that weren’t selected?

↑But I think these members will be main cast of theater performance.

Because they’re gonna be Under of popular members?

Team K’s situation is so cruel….. Amina and Myao are kicked out!!?

Don’t worry, they will be Under of top members lol

But this obviously means they put emphasis on “Generation Change”.

All members of team 4?

↑Except Nakamata and Komariko (中村麻里子)

Is it okay to regard Shonichi members are practically “regular” members of the new teams?

↑ When they gather up best members if they don’t for Shonichi? lol

Sure, these are the members that are considered the regulars by management.

Then I feel very sorry for KK (小林香菜)….

You know, she has performed theater performance the most of all AKB members…

Members who ended up starting on the bench,

The word “No Flower without rain” really suits them…..

A and B’s lineups are understandable. But K…. Even Amina and Myao weren’t included? That’s surprising….

And Nonaka is a person who has even become a title of nationwide tour….

What a gorgeous members at the bench of team K….

Among 6 members of 10 and 11gen who have been promoted in June, only Naana could make it…. How much expectation they are putting on Ryoka and Tom….!!

Don’t worry, these members who won’t join Shonichi performance are the members who actually have solid skills. They will play a central role as versatile Under for top members.

It’s only for Shonichi they want to paint it all glittery.