NMB48 Fukumoto Aina to graduate the group

  February 23, 2013

Video: NMB48 福本愛菜 卒業発表 (NMB48 Fukumoto Aina graduation announcement)

During Today’s theater performance at NMB48 theater, team N member Fukumoto Aina announced her graduation from the group.

Fukumoto’s comment:

“I’m sorry to inform you of this suddenly.

But after paying it a lot of thought, this is the conclusion that I woke up with in the morning.

Since the creation of NMB48, we were so lucky to have a lot of opportunities. I won a spot in the election last year, I run a full marathon at Osaka Marathon.

2012 was a great year for me.

And it was a year that I pondered upon myself deeply.

I decided to develop myself, improve my skills as an individual media personality, thus I figured I need to change my direction.

It was not easy to reach the conclusion and I have no regret on my choice.

I think the path ahead of me is not smooth, I think it’ll be very tough.

But I have no regret. on my choice

I hope I will be able to show my family, friends and members, who’ve been the closest to me over my years in NMB48 me shining in the filed that I aim to have career in.

I love members and staffs of NMB48.

I’m proud of them.”

source: NMB48 official

Watanabe Miyuki usually wrote her nickname “Milky” in a title of her blog post, but when she writes serious posts, which happened only few times before, she uses her full-name. 

Fukumoto Aina 2/23 21:30

I announced graduation from NMB48 in today’s theater performance at NMB48 theater.

After tough consideration….. I made this decision by myself.

I have no regret in my choice of graduation!

I rather think I’m able to stand on the new starting like which towards my dream!

I’ll be glad if you can keep warm eyes on me.

Thank you for all the support and please continue doing so.

Matsui Rena 2/23 22:05


source: Fukumoto Aina Google PlusMatsui Rena Google Plus

Yamamoto Sayaka 2/23 14:37

Why it’s raining in Osaka…..(´・_・`)
Yamamoto Sayaka 2/23 22:15

We finished today’s theater performance!

And today, Aina announced her graduation.

A little before, when she told she will graduate, I felt really lonely and sad.

Because she was like everyone’s big sister. She is my peer 1st generation of NMB48, we’ve been in the same team, we’ve been together all the time, she is often (affectionately) teased by members, she is loved by everyone.

But when I look at her eyes, they’re shining with tears and passion for her dream.

When we’re struggling, we talked. We often talked about our dreams, too.

And hearing your dream made me so reassured and I was like “That’s how cool a girl who runs a full marathon!”o(`ω´ )o

I must not be left behind!

Your decision of graduation made me feel like that from the bottom of my heart.

Aina, you have a great soul!

Fujita Nana 2/23 23:12


Since there still is a little time left, we will be able to meet together, will we?

I will text her what I want to personally tell her!

This graduation is positive one. And it’s great!

Ainyan! I love you!

Oh and I wanted to see the performance of “Kinjirareta Futari” (Forbidden Two) by TanoTomu…


Fujita Nana 2/23 23:17

I adore Ainyan making a tough decision. We will be able to meet at a handshake event in March perhaps? If we can meet, I want to talk to her a lot\(^o^)/

I really want to see her! Meet and talk to her!

Ainyan is a kind of like a big sister of the young NMB48 and one of few members -probably 2 or 3 including her- of the group who is older than most of other members, and has a matured way of thinking and compassion.

Thus literally every single member of NMB48 sent a message and expressed their gratitude or love for Ainyan tonight.

Among all comments, I picked up few that I thought are from members who have a special relationship with her. Please forgive me if I missed out important comments here.