3 topics: AKB48 Hirata Rina encountered Anti in person at handshake event

  March 11, 2013

1. AKB48 Hirata Rina encountered Anti in person at handshake event

2. Amazing way Sashihara Rino makes Murashige Anna’s shoes way cooler

3. Coincidence?

There is a song called “Anti”, a coupling song to AKB48’s single “Everyday Katyusha”.

The song “Anti” sings about increasing number of AKB48 Anti as the group rises to the stardom in Japanese entertainment. It’s sung by all Kenkyusei (研究生 – KKS) as of the release date of the single – the youngest was 11th generation KKS.

Previously, SKE48 Deguchi Aki shared her take on Anti, who refused to shake hands with her at handshake event. AKb48 Iwata Karen is also vocal to Anti issue – Karen: “We also feel sad when you’re salty to us.”

This time, Hirata Rina encountered Anti, who came all the way to meet her at Kobetsu Handshake event only to hurt the girl!!! -it’s unclear whether the person intended to hurt her or what the person thinks an advise ended up hurt her feeling

*For Kobetsu handshake event, you need to buy theater version of AKB48 single and choose members whose handshake ticket you want to buy. Purchase is done almost 6 months earlier to the actual handshake event.

Hirata Rina (2013/3/10): Thank you for coming to meet me at handshake event today( ^ω^ )

If you couldn’t come today, I hope I will be able to meet you next time \(^o^)/


Today, I met Anti for the first time sine I joined AKB48(°_°)

I wasn’t quite sure what to do, and somehow, I became infuriated(♯`∧´)

but when I came home, and poder upon it, I figured the person has been so closely watching me that he’s come to hate me!

So, my atitude to hte person today was bad, I think. (T .T)

I was Waruly (Bad Hilary), and I need to improve it.

I think it’s impossible to make everyone like you.

So, everyone! I will keep striving so that even people who dislike me say “I don’t like you, but I admit you’re doing great.” ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

Hilary♪ (Hirata Rina’s nickname “ひらりー”, also spelled as Hirari)

source: Hirata Rina google plus


Fans reactions:

“0048 had a similar episode, didn’t it?”

“I LOL’ed. Anyways, it’s not all bad, cause having Anti is also an indication of her popularity.”

“Hilary, you don’t need to report on Anti….”

“Can’t understand why the person bought handshake ticket and took time to go to the venue.”

*In Kobetsu Handshake event (Individual HS event), you can choose members who you want to meet at the time of pre-order.

“Besides, the person bought the ticket 6 months ago…”

“I wonder if Anti who come to meet members at Handshake event are already Anti when they buy tickets, or did something happen that has changed him from fan to Anti?”

“I don’t get this. How come it’s possible to become Anti of Hirata Rina.”

“He is more like a preachy, annoying fan who thinks he is intelligent, wise and experienced than Anti, I guess.”

“That’s it. Usually those who come off as Anti like this think they’re giving meaningful advises. And think members appreciate them.

I think this guy never imagine Hilary is talking about him.

“Hilary! Just keep a lovely smile on your face and swear at him in English!!”

“Whatever, she will certainly experience a lot like this. More or less, this is something every member goes through?

And when she gets able to deal with things like this without being mentally rattled, we can say she is full-fledged, right?”

“Say, if the Anti’s advise was ‘You should stay still when the needle is inserted’ and he is a doctor or nurse….

I would love this story.”

“Love and Hate is just the two side of the coin….”

“There is not such thing called Anti. by Paruru.”

“As she said, one would never become her Anti unless the person is closely observing her.

Personally I don’t find anything annoying about her. Do you have any idea how it’s possible for one to become Anti of Hilary?”

“Probably, when she talks in talking portion of theater performance, she owned everyone. Like literally she stole all the attention.

Naturally, fans of other Kenkyusei may find it annoying. Especially if their Oshi are relatively shy girls.

Plus, some people may consider her google plus posts, which for most of us come across pure and innocent, as sly and crafty….”

“Lately she has gradually become able to share spotlights with others.

She acts as facilitator during talk portion more often lately, and we often see her helping other members.

Previously, at Mogi Shinobu’s Sentansai, she was the first one who rushed to Mogi’s side to encourage when Mogi started crying during self-introduction.”

“For the first time since her debut…. which means she hadn’t seen Anti for two years!

There are fewer douche in AKB fandom than I expected….!!”