3 topics: AKB48 Hirata Rina encountered Anti in person at handshake event

  March 11, 2013

Murashige Anna:  Murashige…. has been yearning for brands for matured women lately.

I’ve been wanting to get some items of high fashion brands.

Thus I asked Sasshi.

Then she said, “Put off your shoes that you’re wearing right now and hand them over me.”

So I was like “Whoa! She must have some awesome idea in her head!

What if she exchange my shoes with ones of high fashion brand!! Ahhhh!!!”

Sasshi: “Okay it’s finished!”

Murashige: “Thank you!!”

Okay so I’m gonna share what I saw then.

ルイ、ヴィトソ ← Real brand’s name is spelled “ルイ・ヴィトン (Louis Vuitton)”

ツァネル ←  Real brand’s name is spelled “シャネル (Chanel)”


She must have wanted to tell that these brands are still too early for me….

But you know, I really like these shoes!

I love these so much that I went to Tokyo in the shoes today!

I’m gonna buy famous brands’ items when I get older~!

Handshake event was so much fun!

Thank you!

LOL Sashihara even drew fake logos for the brands!!

It’s kind of mean that she drew them without permission LOL

But what’s amazing in this story is even though her doodle on the shoes is like it was done by 3 years old, the value of the shoes now is priceless not only for fans but also for Murashige herself!

source: Sashihara Rino, Murashige Anna G+