Last Stage: AKB48 Nakaya Sayaka set out for her new journey to fulfill her dream to become Seiyu

  March 6, 2013

Nakaya Sayaka, who a little while ago announced her graduation to pursue her dream to become a professional Seiyu (voice actress).

She left her agency Mousa as well since the audition that made her determine the graduation requires applicants not to belong to any agency.

Today, she graduates AKB48. At the AKB48 theater as well as at AKB cafe and shop -Andare P (producer of NOTTV “Anta Dare” arranged to cast her in today’s show at the last minute)- so many fans come to see her last stage and to tell her that they will ever be with her regardless of the fact the she is no longer a member of AKB48.

Nakaya Sayaka 18:16

Because I was told that I can’t put this up on my blog, this is my last resistance, or I should say this a crime? lol

Please let me hear your voice, yes, your voice.

Nakaya Sayaka blog:

Iwasa Misaki 3/6 18:21

If you’re a man, just shut up and bookmark it.


Togasaki: A member of Nakayan graduation committee is giving explanation on today’s program.

Fans of AKB48 kindly hold graduation ceremony whenever the girls graduate the group. Cry….


Togasaki: The lobby of AKB48 theater is filled with fans.

In the future, for members graduation performance, I would like to increase seats for those who’ve supported the member.

Flower Stand from fans

Togasaki: “Seishun Girls” Yes, every member spend their Seishun (Blossom of youth) at AKB48 theater.

Nakaya, you’re shining.

Araki: The last stage of Nakaya Sayaka started!

Araki; Nounai Paradise! (Paradise in my brain)

Araki: M3 Saishun Bell ga Naru (The bell ringing to tell the last train is coming)

Araki: Scrap & Build

Araki: This is the last self introduction (in theater performance) for Nakaya.

Araki: M6 Kataomoi no Taikakusen (Diagonal line of unrequited love )

Araki: M7 Arashi no Yoru niha (In the stormy night)

Araki: M9 Glory Days

Togasaki: Specially for today’s show, high definition footage are being played live on monitors at the lobby.

Araki: Tadaima Renaichu (I’m now in love)

Araki: M11 ALIVE

Araki: M12 Honest Man

Araki: M13 Hashire Penguin

Araki: M14 Medley

Araki: M15 Korogaru Ishini Nare

Araki: M16 UZA

Togasaki opened a door of the theater for fans gathered at lobby so that their encore chants can reach Nakayan.

Araki: EN1 Heavy Rotation

Araki: EN2 First Rabbit

Nakayan singing “Sougen no Kiseki”‘s solo part.

The venue was filled with green color of glow sticks.

Araki: EN4 So Long!

The ending is near.

Nakayan greeted to fans.

“I left nothing to regret about, so I don’t cry today! And… I will always love AKB48!”

Captain Oshima Yuko came to the theater right after work.

Sato Amine reads a letter to Nakayan.

“Graduation is not ‘Good Bye’, but it’s ‘Have a Good Journey!'”

Nakayan who said she wants to end with smile is crying…

The last greeting from Nakayan and the show is over.

Nakayan! Bon Voyage!

Araki: Group Photo with all members!

Akimoto Yasushi extolled Nakaya Sayaka’s decision.

Nakaya announced her graduation on March 2nd and only 4 days after that, she graduates AKB48.

At the meeting in February, Akimoto Yasushi told managers of 48G that Nakaya is the ideal model for 48G.

AKB48’s concept is “a route for the dream”, but now as the group has become so big, both members and management consider their activities for AKB48 as their main purpose.

Nakaya will join the audition for Anime “Milky Homes”. Actually she tried to join the audition last year, but since she had voice actress job in AKB48, she gave that up.

Doesn’t want to feel the same regret again, Nakaya asked Akimoto Yasushi for a permission through direct negotiation.

Impressed by Nakaya’s passion and determination, Akimoto allowed her not only to graduate AKB48 but to leave her agency.

Akimoto asked staffs to let members make effort to have dream “beyond AKB48”.

Andare staff wrote a stirring message on Google Plus yesterday when he arranged to invite Nakayan for today’s program. It’s long but definitely worth reading as it tells how much Nakayan is loved by people. (link)

Andare P: Hi! This is NOTTV Andare P!

This is today’s group photo.

Since Miss. Nakaya Sayaka rushed out to the theater, we delivered a gift and flower to the theater!

Nakaya Sayaka 3/6 14:14

I want to wear dress made by Shinobu~~!

When I will be able to hold a live concert as Seiyu, I will definitely ask her to make my costume!

I’m happy~~~

So happy~~~~

I personally think that people regretting the separation means I’m needed by people.

It teaches me the value and meaning of my existence.

Thank you everyone.

Miyazawa Sae 22:16

Nakayan! Congratulation on your graduation!

Please fulfill your wonderful dream and bring a hope to AKB48!

Thank you for always being so kind!

I owe you a lot. You helped me for countless times.

Akimoto Sayaka 3/6 18:15

May Cherry Blossom Bloom For You and Your Departure


Tgsk: Nakaya will carry out her final job as an AKB member.

Togasaki: The ritual is now over.

source: Togasaki and Araki g+