Let’s talk about Nakaya Sayaka (Nakayan)

  July 10, 2012

I love Orine the best among all characters in AKB0048.

Seiyu Senbtasu Audition, best seller novel “Hi-Senbatsu idol”, playing a voice actress of one of main cast for Anime AKB0048, ranked in 36th in this election, honorable fight in Miyamoto Amon’s audition….
Let’s talk about Nakayan, who has finally got tailwinds….

Personally I am hoping that she will wildly succeed like JIGGA (Jay-Z).

Chitose Gecchu was quite disappointing…..
I thought it will be 30 minutes length program….

I thought the same, but I was also impressed with Nakayan’s acting~~~!

Personally I felt her nice personality when she released a comment to protect Nacchan and Yone-chan admist the fuss brought by their scandals. She was the only member who made a such comment…
Nakayan is such a nice girl that she bravely tried to protect them, even though she well understood that will make her also bashed by some fans.

Nakayan is a good-will of AKB48.

The TVK’s program she appeared, dressed in Orine’s costume, yesterday was so nice.
Or I should say, that pink wig suited her so much.

After all, her singing makes our heart….

Maybe now is the best period for her and her Ota???

I changed her image after I watched a video of Tano-chan where Nakayan guested .

It seems like recently team “Hikaeme (reserved/humbled)” are decently thriving.

When she appeared in Nobunaga on behalf of Kitarie, I was stunned by how fair her skin is. It’s as clear as Kojima-san’s skin!!
In addition, that episode was full of hardcore vulgar topics and her reactions to comedian’s funny remarks were absolutely turnon!!

Sometimes she uploads self portrait of her plain faces on G+.
And….. yeah I love them!! They are so sexy!!


She is certainly cute but looks like a bit tired?

I think she took this photo yesterday.
It was such a killer schedule yesterday, I heard…..

When she was suffering gastroenteritis…..

Nice Nakayan.

I’m moved by this…..

AKB48 Nakaya Sayaka’s family’s teaching.
“Sleep, anyway!!”

“It’s alright if you sleep.”
I think 8,505 votes are amazing!!
“Keyboard” incident,
The decisive factors are “Seiyu Audition”, “Mousa’s event”, there things happened in a row and it has suddenly increased 2 Oshi or 3 Oshi of her.
Keyboard incident was…..

Nakayan was to play a piano for a unit song in A6th Mokugekisya Stage.

Nakayan got hustled and bought a keyboard for the first time, practicing a lot with it.
She played a piano at Shonichi in Mokugekisya Satage (2010. 7. 27) But there was a trouble in setting etc.
From the 2nd time, they got rid of piano part….
It was planned that Nakayan to play her piano for Karaoke contest, but it’s suddenly decided that her piano part was cut off right before the contest started.
One year later, Nakayan put the keyboard that has been no longer used off in the closet.

↑ I felt sorry for her about this…. She bought a keyboard at her own expense…..
Nakayan, eat delicious foods with royalty on your book^^
Can she earn royalty of her book in a fair manner??
Listen her comment…. You can understand how nice she is.

Nakayan: “I’m from Tohoku, Iwate prefecture. I visited tsunami-hit area twice…. I try not to cry… Everyone was so warm… When I introduced myself, ‘I’m from Iwate’, people were talking to me ‘I will support you’, even though they are in more dire conditions than my family…. They even don’t have their own housings, they are still living in temporal homes…..
When I visited there, recovery hasn’t yet advanced that much…. rubble was just left there as they were. So I keenly think ‘Is there something that I can do for them in earlier stage?’ But there were nothing we could be of their help…. When we discussed what we can do for someone, we had reached a conclusion. As Takamina san said, we can sing, dance and cheer everybody up. If we can help you smile, I can’t be happier. I will never forget this feeling and continue my activity in AKB48. “

Yesterday’s Nakayan.

She has been getting cuter lately.

Her pet, KIKI

As Okaro praised her, I think she is really an all-rounder.
Ogoe-diamonds’s left camera ver. RIVER’s right camera ver…. before I knew it, my eyes always follow Nakayan。。。。

She is not a hypocrite but I think she is truly a kid person from the bottom of her heart.

I think she is a nice girl, but I’m thrilled with the episode that Nakayan run after Acchan, who was her schoolmate and acquaintance, and joined the same group.
Is there someone who can understand this feeling? lol

Though she is followed the same path as Acchan, I think it’s great that Nakayan can actually make it into AKB48.
I really hope she continue striving forward to her dream