Kashiwagi Yuki, once again treated the same as peers like Kitahara Rie

  July 10, 2012

What do you think?

Why Itano and Sashihara positioned in a front row….

How amazing it is that Tomochina, Shinoda and Kojiharu always maintain their outstanding beauty!!!

Poor Kashiwagi Ota…..
I think they’d better get enraged more….

Even though she won 3rd spot in the election, and tied Yuko for the top spot in sales of Kobetsu handshake event…

Geez…. even though a production company for Hey! Hey! Hey! is a small subsidiary of Wantanabe Production….!?!?
This is simply because she is not favored by management…..

It looks like you misunderstood the fact.
Production companies have no authority to decide things. What they do is just miscellaneous errands to produce visuals.
Those who have power to choose talents are producers of Fuji television or directors.
If you become, what we call, a member of society, you’ll know that production companies are basically errand boys of mega companies.
The same can be true to production companies of Yochimoto agencies.
Look Miyaneya. No Yohimoto7s comedians are in that new variety TV show.

This is nothing new that Yasusu and his entourages are poor and arbitrary at promoting talents.

If you compare capability, Yukirin wins in every aspects….

Kashiwagi-san is too good-natured….
But this kind of attractive hesitance leads to her popularity, right?

Why the girl who won 3rd spot is in a back row??
This is how TV companies see Kashiwagi.
In short, Kashiwagi can’t contribute to increase viewer rating.

Okay, it’s about time to get it real.
The only thing that the election result are strictly reflected on is the election single.
It may kind of boring to say this, but this thread is a seasonal tradition which emerges every year after the election.

Yesterday’s Yukirin.

See, she looked different from usual.
Maybe it’s her make-up? She looked a bit tired…

It’s not only Kashiwagi, but all top3 members in the election got somewhat poor standing position….

I just noticed this… it’s rude for Rie-chan as you guys are as if trying to diminishing her !!!

I think people in TV business evaluated them almost the same, or maybe Kitarie is more highly evaluated by Kashiwagi-san.


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