Acchan only makes partial appearance in her last Seitansai for being in bad condition

  July 10, 2012

Announcement of partial appearance

As for today’s Mokugekisya Stage (2012.7.10),
Maeda Atsuko will participate only in a portion of the show for being in a bad condition.
Natori Wakata will perform her positions for songs that Maeda Atsuko can’t join today instead.

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I don’t want to even imagine how much those people who won tickets for this event shocked….

I thought this is a joke, then I found it’s true!! lol

She will appear from “ちょっと待った!(wait a second)”??? lol

This is something unprecedented….lol

Though I know it would be rude, I laughed a bit….

She may appear from the moment Tomochin toppled a birthday cake…?

Big surprise! Sashihara play Under of Acchan!!

Sashihara is in Fukuoka.

Sashihara Rino
In Fukuoka.
Assan. Happy birthday!!(.・v・)ノ♥

Maybe the heat got to her during filming?!?!

She still looked fine in the afternoon…..

Mariko on twitter
We joined recording after filming. Finally….. (lol) We got a case!! ….Anyway we will head for Stage performance from now~~~♪ I’ll dance at live Stage~~!!\(^o^)/

Acchan…. Poor girl….(´・ω・)

How much is “Patrly”???

Acchan :”I don’t want to join Stage anymore~~~!! I don’t want to join stage performance until Tokyo dome~~~!!”
Staff: “But…. please at least join your Sentansai….”
Acchan: “Well….. then I will only blow off candles.”


I can’t help but think they are just trying to make a topic…. Or am I dirty-minded?

I guess this is because she can no longer remember lyrics and choreo….

It’s quite possible…. lol

I think she will join from Flying Get in encore and get hyperventilated…..

I won a ticket for this Stage by using 98中 ticket… ( simply put, you can 98% win a ticket when you use this.) What happen if I cancel this?”

I feel sorry for you…..
They said she will partly participate in it, so you’d better go….

I wanted to see Acchan in the perfect condition, but… yeah it can’t be helped.

Acchan is so kind…… she pleases her Anti until the very last moment…..


Because this is her last Seitansai, they gathered all members including top members and go with full members line up….. but after all she participates only in some part??
How can I say…..  she has something special? or she is just unlucky?

You know what? It’s disappointing if she is “NOT” like this.