2 topics: Takahashi Team A members gathered to celebrate Nakayan’s Graduation and Shinoda Mariko’s birthday

  March 10, 2013

Haruka: Nakayan (仲谷 明香 – Nakaya Sayaka), Congrats on your graduation!

They are the Unsung Heroes who suppored Takahashi team A.

Haruka: Though it’s a bit early, Happy Birthday~~~!!

I love you♪

Plastic lips, macarons, and whoa! 5 candlesticks!?

This party is held at their usual place for job-well-done party. The photo is from the party after Takahashi Team A’s final performance at the theater.

Akicha: It was so much fun♥

Oh! Abe Maria and Maeda Ami are there!

Today, members gathered togetehr to congratulate Nakayan’s graduation!

Then, somehow they held a surprise birthday party for me, as well!

Thank you everyone! ( ; ; )

Although members just casually gathered here today, that was a great meeting! It was so fun LOL

That was a happy moment.

Mariko: I had Sayaka blow the candles for me so that I won’t get older. LOL It’s an exorcism. LOL

Kojiharu: It’s been a while! It was a pleasant gathering(●´-` ●)♪

Nakayan, congratulation!!

It’s been ages since she left AKB48. Since the graduation, there’s hardly any means to know what’s up with her.

But finally, finally she came back to SNS, and her account is racking up tons of followers at a crazy speed!

On March 7th, She made the very first tweet, which went like this,

“I started Twitter! What on the earth is ‘Friend Quest’?? What is this term asking me about?”

Soon, a staff at Maid Cafe where she used to work for responded to her,

“Thank you! Thank you for following me! You made me so surprised!”

On 9th, she tweeted,

“I’m sorry for making you worried for a long while.

I’m doing fine!

Thank you for following!

I’m surprised at the number of response!!”

Her twitter profile says “19 years old girl who loves drawing with Muji pen. Will hold a solo exhibition within in this year.”

Her drawing is known for it’s unique characteristic, and it is expected that she will shine in this field as well.

Vegeta: (Her follower count is) OVER 8000!!!!!!!!

Nappa: Over 8,000!?!?

That can’t be true! It must be machine malfunction!!