3 topics: Famous Comic Artist gifted Awesome Portrait of Matsui Jurina for her birthday

  March 8, 2013

It’s probably no surprise for most people if someone says Paruru (島崎遥香 – Shimazaki Haruka) has Anime character’s face.

In fact, the popular love simulation game “LOVE PLUS” (ラブプラス) created a character that is obviously inspired by the AKB48 girl.

Oh yeah, some people say this is appparently Maeda Atsuko in 2010!

What do you think???

Speaking of Comic character, everyone agrees that both visual-wise and character-wise, SKE48 Matsui Jurina is the real-life Comic character.

Sort of like Protagonist in a highschool yankee comic – More than anyone else, her role in Majisuka 2 overlapped her real self, didn’t it?

Naturally she is enormously popular among people who love her heroic character. Among them included this comic artist, Fujishima Kosuke.

“To Celebrate Matsui Jurina’s birthday, I draw this portrait.”

Other Fujishima’s tweet:

Fujishima: Wow AKB won Record Taisho Grand Prize! This is great.

Fan: Can I ask who’s your favorite member?

Fujishima: My favorite member is Jurina~

According to him, it is hard to draw Jurina in 2 dimension cause she has a feeling of reality or uplifting feeling.

He shared step by step illustrations to explain process of the drawing.

Maestro Furukawa Airi also gifted an awesome portrait of Jurina as a birthday present.

Furukawa Airi: Jurina-sa~~~~~nnnnNN!

Happy Birthday!

source: Furukawa Airin’s G+

Nakaya Sayaka 3/7 23:56 ←!!!!!

This must be my last post.

Cause I found a comment asking me to upload a video, though it’s very short, I done it ΘωΘ*

Gugutasu (Google Plus) was a wonderful place where I can reveal my true self.

I want you to remember the fact I was here on the google plus forever.

Thank you so much for long-time support!

No matter what would happen to my life, I will keep doing my best.

Well, chao chao, good night~



But it’s a movie! It takes to time for Google to endoding the video!

Only 4 minutes left and her account will be deleted forever…!!

Nakaya Sayaka 3/7 23:56

Please wait patiently everyone.


Her profile is deleted from the official AKB48 website at 0:00,

We couldn’t see her thumbnail on Google Plus, too.

When everyone thought “The Miracle came too late”……

We saw the great miracle actually happened….!!

She got miraculous extra time!

One minute after her account was deleted, there was a very shrot time during which somehow we could see her post and successfully uploaded video.

Very simple message, but I bet definitely every fan shed manly tears.
Fans comment described it all.

“It was really a blessing that we could see the last 10 and something seconds of Nakayan…..

This left me a feeling that the first Chapter of AKB48, Light – Maeda Atsuko, and Shadow – Nakaya Sayaka, ended in a true sense.”

“Somehow, I have an impression that AKB48 is becoming not AKB48.”

*Nakaya Sayaka and Maeda Astuko were classmates in their Junior Highschool.

Nakaya Sayaka 3/7 23:57

I promise you, I’ll do my best.