Genius Hack: Nogizaka46 Ikoma Rina revealed the secret to prevent Panty Flash

  March 7, 2013

Professor! Could you please teach me how to prevent panty flash during stage performance?

Yes, we need to know that cause our team doesn’t have Kitagawa Kenji!

Nogizaka46 Ikoma: Do you know? We have a secret way to prevent panty flash.

Ikoma: We layer panties. We put a black panty on over our own panties.

But you know what? We still need to make sure that our panties don’t stick out from black ones.

Not only panties, but you also need to make sure your butts are fully covered.

Ikoma: Let us demonstrate that!

 (Ikoma Rina, Matsumura Sayuri, Takayama Kazumi)

Thank you Japan, you always amaze me!

(For some reasons I wanted to pretend to be a non-Japanese for this post….)