SKE48 Hata Sawako will graduate the group at the end of March to enter Voice Actress training school

  March 7, 2013

SKE48 Hata Sawako announced her graduation from the group during today’s team K2’s theater performance.

She will leave the group at the end of March to attend voice actress training school from April.

Hata Sawako’s comment:

“Pardon me, but can I talk a little bit?

Uh, I, Hata Sawako, will graduate SKE48 at the end of March.

I will enter Voice Actress training school from this April and I decided to fully dedicate myself to that.

 The days I spent in SKE48, it was sweet and warm. It was a comfortable place to me.

But thinking about my current abilities, I figured that I lack so much that it’s impossible to accomplish my dream and I’m not qualified to talk about my dream as a member of SKE48.

SKE48 for me is not a place to accomplish my dream, but a place that bridges me with my dream to become Seiyu, the dream that I was about to give up when I was 21.

SKE was a bridge for me that lead me to this day since when I lost sight of the path to become Seiyu.

Thanks to SKE48, I was and will be able to pursue my dream.

Though I know this is such a short notice, and I left little time to spend with you all, I would like to do my best until the very last moment, so please look kind upon me.

And…. everyone, thank you so much for having supported me during my SKE48 days.

Seems like some of 3th generation members knew this before the announcement. 

Suda Akari 3/7 20:42

Well, I think I gotta perform ablution now☆

Suda Akari 3/7 21:03

May Sawako will make her dream come true!

She will! Definitely!

Say it out loud and your dream will come true!


Kinoshita Yukiko 3/7 21:43

Hi! I arrived at home!


Do your best toward achieving your dream!


We must, or I should say as soon as possible,

we gotta have 3rd generation members’ reunion!!

Suda Akari 3/7 21:57

hat’s it! We have no leisure to quarrel about who’s going to arrange it lol


She and I were born and grown up in the same prefecture and both went to the university in Kyoto. So she is one of few members that I knew since her debut. This is so sad… but I respect her tenacity to pursue the longtime dream.

Unlike Nakayan, it’s unclear that Sawako will start personal blog or sns after graduation, which means there might be no means for fans to keep in touch with her.

Chances are because both Churi and Airin wrote that they want to have a meeting with Sawako regularly, we might be able to see she’s doing fine through their updates….?

Akarin’s blog post:

Today, Hata Sawako chan announced her graduation to strive to her dream.

When I first joined SKE48, when I was asked who my best friend in SKE48 is, I couldn’t answer.

Because thinking if the member who I think my best friend in SKE48 didn’t consider me as her best friend make me a bit scared lol

However, one day, for the first time, I finally could answer one member’s name with confidence.

And that was Sawako★

The other day, Sawako said “When I was asked my best friend member, I answered your name, Akarin~♪”

I was surprised!

“Actually I answered the same a while back! Yayy!” I said♪

We often stayed in a same room at a hotel, we talked about lots of things, and we could feel each other’s tohught and feeling when we were in the same situation.

Though we belong to different teams, I was so happy when I could work with you for like Gravure photoshooting.

And I was privileged to write a letter for your birthday celebrating ceremony….

Hata Sawako, you’re truly he best member for me.

source: Akarin’s blog

Hata Sawako’s blog post where she talks about the graduation