Professionals are giving professional supports to SKE48 Matsumura Kaori for her upcoming solo debut.

  April 16, 2013

Whenever members face difficulty, there’re fans offering support. But as a fan, what they can do to help members is fairly limited in a practical sense.

And that’s where creators, people who make a living in entertainment industry comes. Because they are not directly involved in managing AKB48 business, and they’re basically not business people, they tend to help AKB members promote themselves in a creative way.

And this is true to Kaotan’s case, too.

Professionals are giving professional supports to Matsumura Kaorin for her upcoming solo debut.

Mangaka Mr. Tanabe:

Dear Miss. Matsumura Kaori
It’s been a previledge that I’ve been able to work with you over these years.

I sincerely congratulate you on your solo debut.

Please take a look at this sample for type-B jacket for your debut single.




Title: Geko Geko Gekokujo!!!

*Parody of HKT48’s “Ski Ski Skip” type-B


*Gekokujo is the most important phrase to define whole Kaotan’s story. It translates to “Junior (Subordinate) take over Senior (Superior)”


Tanabe: Hey! Here is another jacket design sample for Kaotan’s solo debut!!

Designed by Tanabe!!

LOL’d at titles!!


Matsumura Kaori with Kaotan

Hidane nashi demo Escalate (Escalating Flamimg without flame bait)


Sashihara Rino with ANRIRE

Ikuji nashi no Masquerade (Sissy Masquerade)


Matsumura Kaori: 1 Komeda

Then suddenly Wasamin came up and made the situation even more confusing and amusing!!

Iwasa Misaki: Are Kaotan and Matsumura Kaori different personas?

And she brings up the subject that everyone has been concerned but also curious about.

Iwata Misaki: Finally the world will see Kaotan’s singing ability….

Wasamin: Matsumura Emerald.

*sort of like Kaotan version of Kitahara diamond. Enormously popular among fandom because of her unique way of singing.

Wasamin: This looks fun, right?

I wanna intervene!!!!!

Kaotan: Hey hey Iwasa!! Don’t troll on Google Plus stream!!

Wasamin: I will sing (back) chorus!!!

Kaotan: Are you serious?

If so, I will tell that at the meeting!!

Wasamin: Oh!! I will sing (main) chorus line!!

LOL she is trying to be another ANRIRE??

Wasamin: I love to do this!! I must do this!!

Matsumura: MAIN CHORUS!?!?

Wasamin: You know, not that I want to brag, but I won AKB singing competition for 3 times.
And I made record debut as Enka singer from Nagara production.

Matsumura: Wasamin. Are you Internet tough girl??

Ahh… Yes, she is such a bold girl in the Internet! And we love it!!

Wasamin: didn’t you know that already? Yes, I am.

Wasamin: I am invincible on the Internet.

Wasamin: I can beat any enemy on the Internet!!

Wasamin: Whatever fans of Kaotan say, it won’t reach my ears!!!

Then, as Kaotan’s G+ post reached 500 comment limit, Wasamin updated her G+…

Wasamin: Kaotan is gonna make a solo debut!!

I’m gonna support her!!!


Seconds ago, you tried to deprive main chorus part from her!!!
She is certainly invincible on Google plus….

Kaotan’s new post:

Matsumura Kaori solo project.

I’m looking for a good idea for that.

Meanwhile Iwasa Misaki is going out of control. 

Iwasa Misaki: ・゜゚・:.。..。.:*・'(゚▽゚)’・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*

Wasamin: Thanks for starting a next thread!!!

(She said this completely in 2ch manner)

Wasamin: for a coupling to the single, Kaotan sings “Pareo ha Emerald” solo!!!

*Kaotan emerald

Kaotan: LOL….

Wasamin: tehe pero (Shyly cute smile and stuck out a tongue)

Wasamin: I will give you plastic boxes for Mikan (Mandarine orange).
I know you will thank me later!!

It is must when you carry out promotion tour!!


Tanabe Miku: Promotion in non metropolitan-area is quite important!!

Kaotan: Tanabe-San!! Thank you!

Mikan box… Please give it to me…

Wasamin: You also gotta make sure your bicycles’ tires are properly inflated!!

Anta Dare TV staff:

You will appear Anta Dare who day at the release date of your single!!
But please don’t expect it will have much effect!!

I know you already know this, but I want to join the day’s show with her!!

Wasamin: I can’t want to see how the song will be like!!

I’m looking forward to it!

If you will ever hold an event in Kanto area, I’ll definitely go see it!

Kaotan: Wasa-san! Please come!

Wasamin: I gotta go to the event with lots of eggs (to throw at Kaotan)!!!

Inoue Yoshimasa*: Kaotan~ Congrats! If we can get permission from Yasusu, I can make a song for you*\(^o^)/*

*(Musical composer, whose past works includes Keibetsushiteita Aijo, Ogoe Diamond, Junen Z安倉、RIVER, Everyday Katyucha, Manatsu no Sounds Good!、UZA and many others)


It’s getting so interesting!

Still no idea what her debut song will sound like, and what’s the lasting benefit of idol who are not good at singing releasing a record as a solist, though…