AKB48 alumna Nakaya Sayaka shared the result of Seiyu audition for Anime “Milky Holmes”

  April 15, 2013

1. 31st single theater version sales breakdown

2. AKB48 alumna Nakaya Sayaka shared the result of Seiyu audition for Anime “Milky Holmes”


Assuming everyone understands what numbers in these tables stand for….

Application system of AKB’s handshake event is quite complicated and use very peculiar Japanese words, so it’s a tough undertaking to explain about the system, but I will give my best try!

First of all, this table tells you how much and how fast each member sold their Kobetsu (Individual) handshake tickets, which only come with Theater Version of AKB48 group’s single.

In this case, this is the sales result of the 31st single’s theater version.

To explain what each number means, for example, please look at Shinoda Mariko’s number.

篠田 20/20②

20/20 stands for that 20 handshake slots (1 slot = 90 minutes) are assigned to her*, and all 20 slots are sold out.

(*Generally speaking, the more popular members are, the more slots they are assigned)

② means all of her slots are sold out by 2nd sales*

Theater version are sold exclusively online and the online store KyaraAni accept order in multiple times over 1 or 2 weeks time (usually total 7 times).

Thus, even though Shinoda Mariko and Kuramochi Asuka sold the same 20 slots, Shinoda sold them faster than Kuramochi, whose slots sold out at 3rd sales. Thus we can say tickets for Mariko are harder to obtain than ones for Mocchi.

Numbers in apprentices stand for the number of handshake slots that are almost sold out.

That’s all! Hope you have learned enough to analyze these tables!


Huh!? Kojimako!! Since when she has become that popular!!! 

Among members who sold out by 2nd sales, Watababe Miyuki comes second only after King Oshima Yuko.


Kind of surprised that Maachun didn’t sell that much??

Akarin got a great leap.


As expected, Tomonaga Mio and Tashima Meru proved that they can stack up to popular senior members like Sakura or Haruppi…. oh there’s another member in this top group!

Motomura Aoi!

Current teams


After team Shuffle


Because from this year, theater version of pre-election single contains election ticket, these numbers may be an indication of what election result will look like.