AKB48 alumna Nakaya Sayaka shared the result of Seiyu audition for Anime “Milky Holmes”

  April 15, 2013

Former AKB48 member Nakaya Sayaka, who graduated the group to seek for her dream to become Seiyu, shared the result of the audition of Anime “Milky Holmes”, that she really loves and was the reason behind her decision.

milky holmes

Nakaya Sayaka:

Hi guys (・o・)ノ
As you told me “Sleep and wait for good luck.”,I was sleeping while waiting for the result.
…I’m so sorry!
I couldn’t make it (couldn’t pass the audition)….
I told you! Serves you right!!!
Oh I’m just joking…
So many people were sincerely rooting for me, and I feel very sorry about this.
But honestly speaking, now I feel so relieved!.
Not that I feel it was lucky to fail the audition, but I feel relieved because I could know the result that early!!
One month after the graduation, and then one month before the result is announced.

These past two months felt like eternity!
But I can still move on!
As I said before, I will look for the different way to make it! This is just a beginning!
It just because Nakaya didn’t match the character!

It just they didn’t want Nakaya this time!
Please feel easy, I don’t give up on my dream because of this single loss (smile).
I will keep striving forward, so please keep supporting Nakaya ,everyone!
— So, now that I failed the audition, I think now it’s safe to confess my true feeling for the Anime.

I really love Milky Holmes and will love the anime from now on, too!
I will be a fan of Anime just as one Anime Otaku ( ^ω^ )
Okay then, finally I can normally talk about Milky Holmes as my favorite anime.(Smile)



I am looking forward new Anime seires in this summer!!
And I gotta work hard so that I appear in Anime either!

source: Nakaya Sayaka blog