Why can’t Takamina make a solo debut?

  July 14, 2012

Because she is lacking effort?

Why? Because everything lies within Yasusu’s hand.

Yasushi: “Minami, you are the Ultimate Weapon.”
Takamina “(chuckles) I know, I know.”

That’s like Sakuragi. (SLAM DUNK)

But if they keep making solo debuts in succession, they’ll eventually destroy themselves all together.

Just calm down for a moment and think about it.

For some reason I feel as though NyanNyan will be next.

If even NyanNyan gets a solo debut, then Takamina will…

I wonder if Yasusu intends on not giving the people who want to have a solo debut, just that.

If she’s not skilled then she may not sell as much as Iwasa, you know?

Oi! Even at the worst, she’ll be able to sell double the amount of Iwasa’s 70k copies or half of what Sashihara sold.
Kashiwagi will also sell 150k so I can only expect her to sell about half of that, so it’ll be tough.

If I were to make a serious response: It’s a problem with the agencies.
You’d all understand once you have a look at the agencies of the members that have made a solo debut thus far.

But isn’t she in the same agency as Mayuyu, who at this point is releasing solo singles at the fastest pace amongst all of the members of AKB?

So they see Mayuyu as the member who acts solo from Ogi production.
It’s not about how many single she has.

Once they let her make a solo debut, Takamina whose goal is to become an independent singer will achieve her goal in AKB.
It’s convenient to keep her the captain of the group while refraining from giving her a chance to make a solo debut.

Yeah, probably the mood will be like, “So she will graduate then?” after she achieves her goal of making a solo debut.

I bet 7,000 perica that they will announce her long-awaited solo debut at Tokyo Dome.

I think she honestly wanted to make at least one small selfish remark about how she actually wants to make a solo debut when they announced other members (solo debut).

I kind of think that the possibility of Takamina making her solo debut is getting lower as the years roll on.

I suppose when Takamina releases her first solo single, she will graduate AKB. So i guess it won’t happen for a quite a while.

I get the impression that AKB members making solo debuts have given themselves the image of a “bargain sale” for solo singles.

I have a feeling that they will announce it on the 2nd day of Tokyo Dome concert.

I guess it was supposed to be announced at the concert “Takamina ni tsuiteikimasu” that was canceled….

Takamina will be the next, right?

Probably because Takamina has her own unique way of singing, or rather her part in no3b is more attractive than a solo act when we talk about her music acts outside of AKB48.

Why not Itoshisa no Axel…..?
If they cut the song as a single for her…..

Yasusu won’t use Takamina the same way he did with the other members who have made their solo debut which seemed like a “bargain sale” of solo debuts but will rather spare her for last, so that he can make sure that Takamina will do as fine as an independent artist after she graduates the group.
The true reason though is probably that if they increased the burden placed on Takamina any further, it would affect all 48 groups.

Takahashi and Masuda still won’t make a solo debut.

Anyways, the reason is probably much simpler
in that the types of songs Takamina wants to sing are kind of old-fashioned, and these type of songs don’t match her age
and character.

You’re right.
And another reason is that the songs Takamina enjoys are not the type of songs that can sell a lot in this age in time.
My personal image of Takamina is that she listens to old-school kayoukyo most of the time.

If i’m thinking of a surprise that won’t ruin the celebratory mood of Acchan’s graduation, the only thing that comes to mind is the announcement of Takamina’s solo debut.

Let me answer seriously…
I think she is highly valued as a (variety) talent,
but is not appealing as a solo singer….

↑Yeah…. considering how she acts in Domoto Kyodai, that’s probably true.

If she makes her solo debut now, it’ll just be lost (within the mountain of releases). If they do it, they’ll do it on a larger scale.

AKB members who have made their solo debut haven’t left that much of an impression, though members like Iwasa may take time and gradually forge her career as enka singer.

It’s not that she “can’t” but she “is not allowed”, right guys?

But the history of AKB will end the moment that Takamina’s final goal has been realized, won’t it?
Though this makes sense only if Yasusu’s concept is “AKB = Takamina”.

It’s okay if she goes solo, but I also want to listen to a single’s title number where Takamina plays a center. (There was a title track that she plays one part of W center.)

↑Assan also said she wants Takamina to be the center just for once…. I think she said this during the Janken Taikai?

She has to make a solo debut before Makihara Noriyuki forgets that he said he would compose songs for Takamina’s solo.
Lyrics by Akimoto Yasushi, music by Makihara Noriyuki
That would be a big hit~

Right now, it’s still time for her to be patient.
AKB48 still occupies too much of her life for her to realize her dream.

As for Takamina, because she is really serious about her career as a solo singer various factors make it difficult to make a decision.
I guess she will announce her solo debut when she announces her graduation.

It’s because they figure that just simply letting her make a solo debut doesn’t mean she will sell a lot.
Except Iwasa who debuted as an enka singer, only members who seem to sell more than Takahashi have made solo debut.

She will sell well.
She may accidentally sell the most (of all AKB members who are doing solo acts).

↑You said she will sell the most!!? lol

↑Sales is all up to how they market the CD.

↑ Yeah, right, right lol

↑I don’t think it will sell well and they can’t let the captain of AKB face embarrassment. That’s why i think they won’t let her make a solo debut.

If it’s not now, then when will she!?