SNH48 provides opportunities for you to express your love to them (and their members)!

  February 12, 2014

SNH48 provides opportunities for you to express your love to them (and their members)!

Activity Details

Do you want to confess your love to your SNH48 Oshi-men?

Do you want their reply to your love confession?

For AKBWrapup Post 1

Well, here is your chance!

As part of SNH48’s effort to engage with their fans more, they came up with a Valentine’s Day Poem Competition, specifically for fans to express their love for SNH48 to the members themselves! The deadline for submission is on the 15th of February 12:00 PM (Beijing Time)

NOTE: You have to be a fan club member at their official website in order to participate!
To register, click here: http://club.snh48.com/member.php?mod=register




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Selection Method

Once it hits the deadline, the management will compile the poems for every member. The members will then handpick their favorite poem.

The members will also handpick three favorite poems that are sent to “SNH48” in general. These poems will be the winners.


Every participant will get “梦想48+剧场门票5” (Website fan club points)

The participants who have their poems handpicked by members will get “梦想148+剧场门票25”. And these poems will proceed to the next round (more details to be released) and the poems selected will have a chance to be officially showcased to everyone!

So what are you waiting for? Start cracking your heads for your Oshi-men!

NOTE: We assume that the content must all be in Chinese because the members might not good in other languages.

More details and already submitted poems can be found here: