NMB48 Bentoh, Sumo Wrestler’s Coming Out, Report On Mocchii’s Solo Event

  April 26, 2012

Today’s hot topics on AKB.

Somo Wrestler Takamisakari Reveled He is Sashiko-Oshi

 On 24th Apr on-air of Haneru no Tobira, Sumo Wrestler Takamisakari confessed his obsession toward Sashiko of team A. Fans reacted with comments like this “His awkwardness is perfect example of Sashiko-Oshi. I approved this!!” “I often see Sumo Wrestler at Kobetsu-Shake-Hands” events in Tokyo. Are they really practicing hard?” “Me too saw them at the last event in Tokyo Big-sight.” “I saw one Somo-san waiting in the lane for Maachun (Mayu Ogasawara of NMB).”

Mocchii’s Solo Event

Hello Everyone. Today Mariko here presents you Mocchii’s solo event “Pro Wrestling” vs “Mimitabu”.
Unfortunately we had a bad whether, but that didn’t affect her fans. Fans are raising chants to make the mood nice even before Mocchii appeared on the stage.
As Mocchii is walking toward the stage, fans got so much more excited!!
Mocchii appeared on the stage holding a mannequin putting wrestler’s mask on it’s head.
Then she started firing her enormous talk on Pro-Wrestling.
Started with how she came to like Pro-Wrestling, she went on to lecture techniques and special moves of Pro-Wrestling with illustration she drew to help convey her idea.

Her remark “I think I’m better (at illustration) than Haachan” before she showed her illustration to audience made casual laughter among them. 

Her lecture included unique technique of Pro-Wrestling, which made it enjoyable even for me who are a noob in Pro-Wrestling.
Then she continued to talk about her Oshi-Pro-Wrestler, and showed fans a photo she took with him.
And don’t miss to check out this events’ customary, Uploading photos of this event on G+.
After a short break, latter half is a time for Mimitabu.

She brought in a mannequin with huge Mimitabu. After she talked about types and features of Mimi she likes, she presented a quiz for fans, which 5 her favorite ears of members are showed on the screen, and audience were going to guess who’s ears are they.
Those lucky fans who could correctly answered this quiz were presented attachable Mimi with Mocchii’s sign on it.
*The same Mimi is displayed at the theatre

Mocchi, thanks for such a nice event!http://ameblo.jp/akb48cafe/entry-11232335800.html

By the way Mocchii explained the reason why Akicha’s ears are not in the ranking of top-5. According to her explanation, Akicha’s ears are already in “Hall of Fame“, that no longer can’t be compared their awesomeness to the rest.

NMB Bentoh

Bentoh chain, Kamadoya, released “NMB bentoh

According to it’s official website, two versions of NMB Bentoh (Fried Chicken with vinegar and tartar sauce/fried minced meat with demiglace sauce) are both priced at 7US (620JPY).
This pop found in it’s store clearly suggests the current hierarchy of NMB48, that Sayaka and Milky (Waruky) share No.1 position, while Nana and Joe are sharing No.3 position.