Tomochin Shedding Tears During Live Concert Of Lady Gaga

  May 12, 2012

Watch how huge and exciting welcome she got at the airport and the concert venue during her latest trip in Japan, it’s probably okay to say Lady Gaga is one of the most popular overseas music act in the country.

Last year she visited Japan twice to join the charity concert for victims of Tohoku Great earthquake and Tsunami. On 5th June last year she was the opening act of MTV VIDEO MUSIC AID JAPAN, a culmination of MTV’s multiplatform response to the disaster hosted by MTV Japan. After her stage performance of The Edge of Glory and Born This Way, following music act was none other than our girls AKB48 who performed Beginner, Everyday Cachucha and Heavy Rotation for the event.

Looking back last year’s articles on this event, AKB members had left brief comments of their first meeting with Gaga.
Takamina (when asked her impression of the concert) “Opening act by Lady Gaga-san was amazing. I’m so impressed by her powerful  performance and the ability to express her art. She made whole audiences heated up from the beginning. “ (asked about Lady Gaga’s make on her eyelid) “When she closed eyes, another eyes emerged on her eye lids. I was like ‘Woooooow!!!'”
Standing beside excited Takamina, Yuko humbly said “If we do the same thing, it’s not (so impressive)… I think it’s only fantastic when done by someone of Gaga-san’s calibre.”
This cup was sold for $75K at the charity auction (’~‘)

Tomochin, who had joined this MTV’s charity event with Lady Gaga last year, confessed on her blog that she shed tears while she was attending the concert of Lady Gaga at SSA (Saitama Super Arena).

“I went to Gaga-sama’s live concert to learn from her.

Though I don’t understand her language well, it touched my heart and arouse a lot of feelings in me…. tears were flowing out….

She is one human being just like us, but she has this tremendous influence. She doesn’t afraid to be herself and she has ‘herself’ firmly.

I’m amazed by her.”

Tomochin who released her 3rd solo single last month may have learned something from this international phenomenon, Lady Gaga’s stage performance.

By the way Lady Gaga provided a small headline for today’s tabloid newspapers, which is a bit entertaining for me….
“Lady Gaga, who are currently in Japan for her world tour, showed up herself in Roppongi, Tokyo. She visited a pet shop in Tokyo Midtown, looking around in the store, and gently held a white puppy. This sudden appearance of the star brought hordes of people gathered around this glass walled store. She also visited affordable SyabuSyabu and Sushi restaurants in Roppoingi during her visit to Japan last year.”
Maybe.. I have visited this store several years ago… and if I’m correct, then it’s understandable why lady Gaga is attracted to the store, because this store is not just a pet shop but it claims it’s service as a holistic dog care, which ranges from food, beauty salon, hotels to and clinical care by veterinarians