Non-AKB48 Members that you are getting interested in lately

  June 26, 2012
Do you have such members????
Though I’m SKE Ota, I thought this girl by the name of Moriyasu Madoka is cute.

HKT’s Murashige Anna-chan.
My cousin married a Russian woman he met while he was studying abroad, and now they have 2 children.
When I heard she is also half Japanese and half Russian like my nieces, I started to want to know about her more.
She has something that makes me reminds of my nieces and that’s why I want to support her.

I like her looks…. though I’d never thought she is okay with off-color humor….

Yagami Kuusan

I don’t know why, I don’t know why, I don’t know why, but…


This is present for you.

This is actually Sashihara.

If it’s okay to answer seriously, I would say SKE’S Furukawa-san. I don’t know why.

MokyuMokyu (Hiramatsu Kanako)

Kin-chan. (Kaneko Shiori)


This is Yoshida Akari on UTB magazine.
LOL How come such a beautiful girl can exist in this world???

Kodama Haruppi. She is too cute and too tender.

Matsumoto Rina. Her eyes are so tempting!!

I would say SKE’s snow white princess Ohya Masana. In this year’s election, she shouted her gratitude to fans without microphone, and it impressed me….
By the way she also joined Dakishimecha Ikenai by Undergirls??? 
I have hardly any impression of her in the song…. Perhaps I need to watch DVD again…..

Koyanagi Yuusa…. I like her boyish looks.

Wakabayashi Tomoka. She is Chuuni (8th grader) and cute, that’s why I like her.

I think she looks very cute if I meet her in person….. But because I don’t want to be fallen under her spell, I would never ever go to meet her.

SKE Ohya Masana
NMB Wanatabe Miyuki
HKT Miyawaki Sakura
JKT I don’t know
My impression after I watched team Kll’s stage K2th Ramune no Nomikata (June 10) on DMM.
■Good impression
Furukawa — Expression, Vocal skill, Looks
Sato Mieko — She is a ridiculously good singer.
Sato Seira — I like her looks.
Mukaida — Despite my initial image, she is pretty decent at everything.
Bad impression
Takayanagi — Her way of talking gets on my nerve.
Ogiso — Her singing voice is crappy.
Sawako — Her singing skill is unstable.
Yakata — I felt so awkward when she was passionately talking about her love for Sentai Heroes
If someone names my Oshimen’s name, I would be happy lol
NNNNnnnnnnn!!!! (Mukaida-san). I just briefly watcher her on TV show, but it was enough to convince me that she is a cute girl.
Milky!!!! Her smile in Nagiichi’s MV made my heart.
Moriyasu Madoka. She is beautiful and cute.
Deguchi Aki from SKE48.
I’ve become interested in her as she started Gugutasu, but I actually think she is a popular type of beauty.
Sure, she is Hentai, but she can get along with other members very well.
I think her outy bellybutton is cute. Her bitterly unhappy face is captivating, too.
Churi. She is ridiculously cute at Request Hour when she performed OkiDoki!!!
(Churi is wearing a white beret in Okidoki.)
And Nanatan (Yamada Nana). Somehow I’ve clicked with her
NMB’s Maachunハート. She sweats a lot…. Cute!!!!!!
Furukawa Airi. I love her distant eyes!!
I can’t figure out why Koyanagi Arii (Arisa) can’t get promotion…..
I’d known there’s a girl called Arii in NMB, but I’ve come to become interested in her after I heard she is the only Kenkyusei of NMB’s 1gen members.
Ogiso, Kizaki, Ohya.
HKT Moriyasu Madoka
She is an amazing pianist, and has noble looks.
NMB Koyanagi Yuusa
As Rena said, she exuded something special in the peformance of Majijo Teppen Blues at Kobe.
She is the only Kenkyusei of NMB’s 1gen members…. Anyway, she draws my attention…. I don’t know why.
HKT’s Shimono Yuki-chan aka Shinamon.
She is a member of AKB arts club…. and she is cute!
HKT Sashihara Rino’s return. That’s all I’m expecting now from AKB.
Ohya Masana. She is exactly my type, seriously.
And after reading her blog, I’ve been completely hooked with her.
Yamada Nana.
She seems to be a kind of person who looks likely to become No.1, but in the reality she can’t. 
I hope she will break the mold and discover her hidden potential with the upcoming TV show NMB Ge-NIIN!!

Goto Risako (SKE 3gen)

She has been getting cuter, and her word choice is always excellent.
 —This feeling that can’t ever be described in Kaomoji….
 —Chuni Byou (Typical depression and rebellion of 8th graders)…..? Gogatsu-Byo (Typical depression of freshmen which usually felt one month after they joined the schools or companies.)
 —Have there ever been one single person who can hide his surprise??
 —Put on a cap to protect her skin from UV rays, but ended up putting it off because it was too hot.
 —How to distinguish onion and bulb.
 —Baseball caps are elementary schoolers own fashion.
 —Everything is about diplomatic remarks in the society these day.
 —My heart is protected by cuticle.

Of course it’s Miyawaki Sakura. She has both brains and beauty. Besides she is Loli (a girl who can effectively satisfies the craving of pedophiles.)