SaeYu (Sae and Yuko)

  June 20, 2012

They are Soul Mates!! Let’s talk about their close relationship, bond til the midnight!!

I have to say…. “Good Job!!”

Hurry!! Images or Videos!!!
Okay…. this is one of the latest !!

Probably after the rehearsal of 2010’s Kohaku, they went shopping together and for some reason bought these Chip ‘n Dale’s full-body suits lol Damn cute!!!

This is Yuko’s blog she wrote when Sae’s grandma passed away….

Yuko’s blog

Actually, in this one week? There have been a lot of thing related to “life” occurred around me.
A very dear person of my beloved friend passed away…

This not something directly related to me…. but

Her face….

She lost her dear person…. I can’t imagine how significant her grandma was in her life….

She looked trying to stay strong….

But that pain she is feeling is inevitable….

Her expression sometimes became awkward…. or looked shaken….

There’s no way I could remove her pain and help her….. I had no idea…. I could just… listening to her to support her….

If I talk to her, what should I talk? She didn’t need cheap words, and she understood everything inside herself.

Because she is a smart girl.

How does it feel when we lost our dearest person who’d been always by our side….

I’ve never had such experience, so even though I feel I understand it’s certainly heart breaking, I can’t feel the real pain of it…

After she lost her dear person, now my friend is living a normal life filled with smile.

Sometimes her smile makes me feel heartrending, but….. I really her.

There is another story with regard to “life”.

My friends welcomed a new life into world….

When I first heard of this….. I was so happy and tears run down my face. I felt as if it was my own joy….

The baby is so adorable, and it’s impossible to resist to the temptation to hug her…..

You gave it everything to born to this world and cry…

My wish for the baby – grow to be honest and have a lot of love….

I gotta enjoy my life, too!!

We have only one life to live ((癶3癶~

And I wish everyone has a happy life☆゜+(〇′3`*)

It’s so drastic that even though they are of the same generation, Sae, who is younger, call Yuko without honorific and Yuko, who is older, calls Sae, Sae-chan…

Ohhhhh The 3rd photo is the one someone put “Mosaic effect” on Sae’s face, and dubbed “Yuko is sleeping with a man….” on various threads…. lol

I laughed when I heard Sae’s new iPhone was broken by Yuko when Sae came to Yuko’s house to sleep over lol
It’s so heart warming that it seems like Yuko dotes on Sae-chan.
I somehow love that Yuko calls Sae-chan, not Sae.
And it’s also nice that “sometimes” Yuko calls her Sae!!
What’s good about SaeYu is they don’t look like “Girls Love” at all.
That’s it.
When they are together, they somehow become more girly than usual, but it doesn’t look “Girls Love” at all.
During self-introduction MC in yesterday’s theater performance, Sae-chan quipped Yuko’s funny words, and they looked having so much fun!!
On 18th, maybe because it was the first Yuko’s stage performance after a long time, Yuko looked getting high whole during the stage performance!!
Sae also looked very happy. During the song when they move backward together, they frolicked each other(’∀‘)
Especially during the song Jigsaw Puzzle 48, when they moved backward next to each other, maybe it’s half choreo and half just they are playing together, Sae-chan placed her hand on Yuko’s shoulder and whispered something, then Yuko lean her head to Sae’s shoulder… It was damn cute….
And in “who replies text message first???” contest, it was Yuko who replied message first to Sae-chan!!
Besides, she only replied “What’s up?” lol
But I think that represents how close they are.
So this is the story that they mistaken Air Freshener and Bath Salts.
They intimately took a bath together~

Yuko’s blog

I put bath salts into bathwater to take a hip bath~ You know, this nicely smelling one is what I bought in Guam. After fill the bathtab with water, I put it into the water. But…. it won’t be melted up….(つロ`)

“What’s wrong with this~~??” I tried to read the description in English….

“Uses for Fragrant Sachets”

My brain can’t understand this……



I kind of think now I figured out…..Σ(oДo|||)!!!!
This doesn’t melt in water….. it feels very rough like sands….
So it turned out this is “Air Freshener”…..
But Sae-chan took this sand bath (lol) with me ~~~
I’m sorry for mixed bathing….. lol
LOL I didn’t know SaeYu were natural airhead pair…
I found the rest.
So they revenged next day…. How cute they are…’-‘

Sae’s blog

We are now in Fukuoka~ Umechan’s home town!!! Tonight’s my roommate is… again Yuko-chan!!!

Today, we revenged for yesterday!! So… we carefully choose and bought it at a convenience store…
Bath salts!!(-∀-)

Yuko’s blog

This time around….!!

We finally could buy bath salts!!
So I will be having  a good sweat with Sae-chan~~~~
I always feel Yuko’s love for Sae from her “today’s fashion” photos she uploads on her blog whenever she joins Kobetsu Handshake event.
It actually is.
Before a great person uploaded a picture which summarize past photos of Yuko’s “Today’s fashion”, and now I saw it again, realized there’re as many Sae and her expressions as Yuko, which make me feel so warm…..
This thread makes me smile…..^^