Sashihara Rino (Sassy) joined Not yet’s Special Live Concert event in Tokyo!!!

  July 7, 2012

I was tying to take a photo for the report, but I mistakenly used a flash…

This is such a big venue!!
LOL It looks like it doesn’t matter whether they let me won the lottery…. There seems to be an enough room for me!!

This is how “audience seats for women” look like~~

Thank you so much!!

Stage and audience seats are as close as Manatsu no SG’s nationwide handshake event??

Sashihara Rino 7/7 12:12
Notyet~~!!! Let’s go~~~~~!!!!!!!!

Yuko: “Sashihara, how will you do with Notyet”
Sashihara: “I’m thinking that I will let fans gathered here decide. Can Sashihara continue being a part of Not yet??”
Ota: “Alright~~~~~!!!”
They talked about the time when they were babies.
Rie: “I was a baby that my parents had long been longing for.”
Rino: “My popularity was at the peak when I was 2 months old.”
Yuihan: “My peak wa when I was a baby and my elementary school days. So I will try my best to have the next peak.”
Yuko: “I had been called ‘Kaiju (folks like Godzilla)’”
Yuihan: “But you’re still Kaiju, isn’t it? lol”
After performed Suika Baby, they paid their gratitude to fans for making their single win the weekly oricon ranking.
Yuko: “Though we don’t promote our single on music shows and it was released right after the electio….thank you so much (for making our single won Oricon chart)!! Yokoyama alone promoted the sinlge on the radio programs so much… lol”
Yuihan: “It was so tough~~~!!”
Suddenly they started champagne fight, but then it was champagne-bottle-shaped cracker!!
∈( ゜◎゜)∋(・o・)ノ(-∀-`)w(゜o゜)w
Kitarie explained the lyric of Guilty Love (the first song she wrote lyrics)
The theme of the song is: Both are married their respective partners but fell in love with each other. She wrote the lyrics so that listeners can let their imagination run.
2nd song:guilty love

I like the part that Yuko talked about Yuihan’s lonely effort to promote the song lol

Conversation between Yuko and Yuihan can make me feel so relieved even by only reading it’s transcript. lol

From fan report on twitter
They are MC-ing about Guilty Love. Yukoyama returned to the backroom for preparation.
Of course, Kitahara never starts with singing lol
While Kitahara was so highly praised by Yuko, Yukoyama left the stage without a single word and Sashihara was retorting about it.
Kitahara, Yuko, Sashihara sitting on chairs on the stage to listen to Yuihan’s solo number. Yokoyama sang live!! Suika and Guilty was lip-sync.
The three girls on the chair, sending gazes like Yuihan’s gurdians. They were moving their body to the rhythm, sometimes overly lol Sometimes they were talking each other…. lol
Yuko: “Did you get nervous??”
Yui: “Not so much.”
Sashihara emulating Yuihan at general elections.
Yui: “Who are you impersonating???”

While Sashihara and Yuihan were changing their costumes. Yuko and Kiitahara were MC-ing. Threw a dice and divided the audience into 2 groups, and held “Yell” competition.
1st round, the phrase audience yelled was “Niro~ni (2012)” and Yuko-chan’s team won. 2nd round was “Suki (I like you)”. Kitahara begged fans, saying “Please yell ‘Suki~” even if you don’t like Kitahara~~~~!!” lol
Yuuchan also said “I also like all you guys~!” and sang “Soredemo Sukidayo” a bit lol

Sounds you guys are having so much fun~~~~!!!
The strength of Not yet is Yuko’s organizing ability and her chilly and mild personality that makes is easy for junior members to get involved in.
I think “Niro~ni” thing was just laughed off if there weren’t Yuko.

Now the battle between Yuko and Kitarie is 1-1. For the final round, audience shouts the phrase, “Not yet!!”. The loser is to shout “embarrassing” phrase!! lol
And… the winner is Oshima’s team!! The loser of the battle, Kitahara throws a dice which has “Delusional words” on each face, and will shout the word the dice says.
So this is the penalty game where Kitarie shout the wonderful word she wrote, with true feeling.
Unachan: “Can I go to your house???” WowwwWWW
Audience: “Yes, you can!!” lol

Not yet’s event is full of funny ideas!! Nice~~~~~!!

Yuihan and Sashihara appeared in Kimono style costumes that they wore in PV!!
Sashihara and Yukoyama started MC!! Yokoyama was doing impersonation, holding Nyanchuu lol
This MC was themed on “Yuihan will solve your problems in order to Improve her MC ability”
Yokoyama was talking about generation of cram-free education lol
Sashihara Ota: “I am thinking to move to Fukuoka.”
Yokoyama: “You have only one life to live, so if you really want to and can make a decision by yourself, I think it’s alright, you can go!! I think it’s alright that you move to Fukuoka for Sashihara-san!! If it ended up a fail, then you go back!!” lol

Sashihara: “Wow? Really? uhmm Thank you so much!! (a little upset)”
Sashihara Ota: “I skipped work on thursday to go to Fukuoka….” (Laughters)“So what should I say when I go to office on Monday?”
Yuihan: “If it’s a paid holiday, then what’s wrong with it?”
“I think it’s alright to say ‘Because I like Sashiko too much, I had a severe headache’!! lol But I think just being honest is the best.”
Kitarie Oshi: “Because Yuichan is too cute in PV, I am going to almost Oshihen…..”
Yokoyama: “Please keep being Not yet Oshi!!”

I was thinking “Wow Yuihan has improved her MC ability!!” But then I figured “Wait… she just further escalated her ability as ‘Serious responser’” lol

M4 Shumatsu Notyet ~ Naminori Kakigouri
Sashihara lol lol lol Her shoes were slipped off lol lol lol
though it was right middle between the song, whole venue was filled with laughter lol
Sashihara was dancing, holding her shoes lol lol Kitarie was laughing but Yuko wasn’t smiling at all lol lol lol In the end, Sashihara put her shoes on Stage!!! lol lol lol lol

Now they are performing Shabondama. Sashihara is now only wearing socks on her feet. Yuuchan, threw Sashihara’s shoes away because it was being an obstacle for the performance!!!!

It was so fun~~~
Though I’m Yuko Oshi, Sassy was so charming today~~~.
So after all there were around 6,000 audience right? That’s a great number!

Coz…. this unit consists of top 4 members…
And all members have been steady increasing their popularity since the creation of the team right?
Total votes that Not yet members got in the last election is more than the total of tam S plus team Kll!!
It even close to all members of team B combined!!

Yokoyama Yui
7/7 14:47
Not yet’s event!!
Goods on sale at this event are designed by members ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

This is Yuko-san!!
This Watermelon-pants are designed by Kitahara-san!!
T-shirts are designed by Yuko-san!!ヽ( ´¬`)ノ

Nagao Mariya ヽ( ´¬`)ノ
Watermelon pants… Kawaii!! I want it!

Kitahara Rie  7/7 14:40 
Today is Notyet’s event dayヾ(@°▽°@)ノ
TanoshikattaーTanoshikattaーTanoshikattaー♪ (It was fun!! on the rhythm of Aitakatta)
Don’t you think so? Yuichan!! 
Yokoyama Yui Yes~ ,It was so fun~o(^▽^)o

Sashihara Rino
7/7 17:19

Yokoyama Yui
I love Not yet!!

After the show, those few people who won the lottery for 2 other bonus of Suika Baby, “Soumen Nagashi” and “2 shot photo event with CHEKI (Instant camera)” joined the events.
Yuko is wearing white Yukatan with sunflower pattern on it!!
Yukata!?!? She must look really cute like this!!