The Main Cast of AKB48’s Majisuka 3 has been Identified!

  July 7, 2012
Majisuka 3 Team Habu

This time, girls get out of schools and the new Drama set in the JAIL!! AKB48’s new generation, team 4 plays the central role of this Drama!!

In the latest series of Majisuka, members are in juvenile prison called “Prison HOPE” aka “Majisuka Prison” and play roles of girls who are engaged in conflict against rival teams.
Their team is called “Team HABU” that has 8 members lead by Paru (Shimazaki Haruka)
On the wall there’re names of enemy teams that has been defeated by team HABU. Is Paru the strongest member of team Habu???

There’s a girl kinda like a leader of kids gang dressed in…… tank top lol
Shimada lolol
AbeMari + Shimada lolol
Yuria looks normal, doesn’t she?
Some of them are seriously scary…
Shimada wore that attire yesterday, right?
Kawaei has comeeeeeeee!!
I’m now looking forward to it!
Is Kanon locked up for attempted murder?
Kuumin looks so cool!
Ricchan as a prisoner even looks Kawaee (Kawaii)!
I wonder how AbeMari will do acting as a Yankee? lol
Though this is a quite unique or drastic casting, I think lol
I think AbeMari will have no lines until around the end.
She’ll be even more gruesome than Mukuchi (Komori Mika)
Habu is from Yaba Kune (All Girls High School / Yabajo), right? 
Yep, that’s right.
The last one was the 7th gen + Yagi, right?
The gap between Shimazaki and Oba in Cattleya and this is hilarious . lol
The left two are so incredibly Intimidating!
Shimada and Abema lol lol lol
I’ll absolutely watch this! I want to see Shima-chan (Shimada)! lol
Maybe it doesn’t matter much, because this story is set in the totally different world from Majisuka 1 & 2,
But still, it’s confusing that members who joined in the previous series will play completely different roles in this upcoming Drama that has the same title, Majisuka….
Team Habu was the team that Comeback and NGO belong to in the previous series of this Drama???
Agency of Oba and Abe has its edge in producing actors and actresses.
But….. Ohba is given a chance to join most of Drama series that features junior members of AKB48, from Majusuka 2, Ikemen Paradise 2, Bakaleya to Majisuka 3….
Though she was suspended from Ikemen Paradise 2 halfway through lol
Kyowakoku→Majisuka2→Ikemen Paradise→Nemousu/Kami&Shukan AKB→Manatsu no SG Senbatsu→Bakaleya→Majisuka3→Bakaleya Movie
Actually 9 and 10gen have got as much chance as Chou(超:Super)-Senbatsu members. Though I’m not sure that they will be able to make the most of it….
Is it because of her agency (Arving) that Mariyagi-chan won’t join this Drama!?!? Crap!!
Kanon is holding a doll??
Will she play a role of Psycho???
Kanon had lines that suggest she will play a wacky role, such as “This is an awesome hell!!” or “Killer!! Killer!! Hahaha!!!”
So she will probably play a role similar to Gekikara!?!?
I’m looking forward to it!!
Majisuka Gakuen 30 seconds Trailer
“Looking at your face makes me want to puke, you punk!” Shimada?
“Let’s make this grand!” Yagami
“UWAaAAAA!” Shimada?
“You guys are the trash of society, abandoned from the world.” Yuria
“This is gonna be hella interesting!” by ?
“If you wanna survive, even though you’re strong, we have no choice but to go!” by ?
“This is the best kinda hell!” “Killing people, killing people! Hahaha” Kanon
“I must return!” Shimazaki
Yeah, Kanon is supposed to succeed Gekikara’s position in this series, kinda like “2nd Gekikara”?
I think there will be an opposition team in the Drama, so other team 4 members will also join this Drama.
And it’s often the case that members of an opposition team have actually more interesting members than the team that has a protagonist lol
AKB48 4th album 
※Sales of Kobatsu handshake event tickets
1st lottery  2nd lottery
Kizaki   *0/18     12/18
Kimoto    *0/18     *3/18 (Almost sold out: 1 slot)
Shimazaki *0/18     *2/18 (Almost sold out: 1)
Yagami     *0/18     *2/18 (Almost sold out: 1)
Ohba      *0/18     *1/18
Kawaei   *0/18     *0/18
Shimada    *0/18     *0/18
Abe         *0/*6     *0/*6

Oh……come on…. replace Shimazaki with Kizaki…
Majisuka 2 
Shimazaki, Ohba, Shimada, Suzuran, Ichikawa
Majisuka 3
Shimazaki, Ohba, Shimada, Abe, Kawaei
I can understand why Abe Maria is in this Drama, but why Annin isn’t there!?!?
Or she will play a villain role??
I hope she and Suzuran will appear in this show so much!!
And I guess Renacchi will play a role similar to Erepyon in the past series.
I guess their rival team will be team Mongoose which seem to be the only team which hasn’t been crushed by the team which Paruru belongs to. (All other teams except team Mongoose have X on their posters put on the wall)
But who will play the roles of the members of team Mongoose???
NMB girls? Nogizaka46!?!? lol

Your eyes are awesome!! That’s true!!
I think it’s hard to join Mongoose for over 20 y/o members.
So probably members of this team would be
Maeda Ami, Kikuchi Ayaka, Sato Sumire, Nagao Mariya,
Iwasa Misaki, Watanabe Miyuki,
Iriyama Anna, Iwata Karen, Kato Rena, Tano Yuka, Nakamura Mariko,
Mukaida Manatsu, Ogiso Shiori
By the way, why won’t Iriyama appear on this show!?!? She wasn’t in Bakaleya, too….
This is her agency’s intention that they won’t let her join this kind of acting work?? Or is there another big work that she’s working on?
Probably management’s favorites, Renacchi, Annin and Karen are playing main roles “outside the jail”. lol
So, let’s get real. NMB can’t join Majisuka because they belong to Yoshimoto?
NMB members haven’t appeared in any show except AKB arts club, so it may be because of Yoshimoto’s intention to hold power to control NMB.
I think the reason this series is set in the jail is…..
Because in the last series, Maeda got arrested in the end??

From Ogiso-tan fan-thread. It looks she will surely appear in this Drama.

With Ogiso-tan at Handshake event
Me: Will you join Majisuka3?
Goma: Uh? Ufufufufu~~~~~~ lol
Me: Ohhh so you still can’t reveal it, right?
Goma: Nodding silently
Me: I’m expecting your head-butt that you are always giving Wakabayashi (in Magical Radio)
Goma: LOL
Obviously she will join this drama, won’t she?

translated by Tommy and Wingom