Top Notch Quality of Fanmade Monthly magazine ‘Mayuyu’

  July 7, 2012

OtsuJelly~~~ (Otsukaresama + Jelly Beans)

I remade it! She is just so dazzling~~

This is awesome!!
Can you market this magazine??

Mayuyu team’s creators on the move━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━!!

Awesome lol
Why don’t you make content inside!!

I sooooooooo want iiiiit!!!

Amazing! The ones that made it are the BEST!!

Come on!! I rushed to Convenient stores to buy this magazine, to no avail!!

Please make another version with the picture on the front page of Watanabe Mayu Official website!!! (the one where she is holding an umbrella)

Your workmanship is amazing!!! Thank you so much…..!!
So please release Mayuyu magazine as soon as possible!!
Everything about MV of Otona Jelly beans is cute but especially U of Mayuyu is sooooooo cute!!!

OhaMayuyu(^ω^) (:Good morning Mayuyu)
Who made this amazing stuff━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━!!

You have good taste!!
It’s cute and I’m in love with it!!
source Mayuyu fan thread on 2ch, translated by Tommy and Wingom