Yamamoto Sayaka came up with the money for her grandma’s operation with her small salary

  July 16, 2012

At Yamamoto Sayaka’s Seitansai on July 16

Yuppi (Yamaguchi Yuuki): “I received a mail from your grandmother.”
Sayanee: “Grandma! Look! I’m having goosebumps!!”

Letter from Sayanee’s grandma
It’s a good old memory that since Sayaka was born on the Gion Festival, every year you came to Grandma’s home with your family on the 14th of July and played a goldfish scooping etc, at the shrine.

Now that you have become a member of society, it has become difficult to gather together like we used to. However, seeing as you having chosen your desired path and you are giving it your all, despite me missing the good old days, I feel encouraged by this.
But please take care of yourself so that you are not pushing yourself too much and damaging your health.

Grandma is going to have an eye operation with the money prepared by Sayaka and your brother and sister.
Because I had bad eyes and ears, I could not watch the TV shows that Sayaka appears in, but I think after I undergo the surgery, I will be able to watch them, so I’m really looking forward to it.

I feel really happy because I am surrounded by such wonderful grandchildren.
Thank you so much.
Last of all,
To the fans that have always supported Sayaka,
And the members and staff that have always looked after her,
Thank you so much for holding such a wonderful Seitansai for her.
Please keep taking care of her. Thank you so much.

She is such an angel….. 


She is such a nice girl…

I can’t read anything…. Everything gets blurry…. [Because of tears]

What a wonderful family….^^
I hope Grandma’s eyes will get better and she will be able to enjoy watching Sayanee shine.

This should be made into a movie.

Seriously speaking, does she get a paid from her work with Yoshimoto agency? Or if she does get a salary, is it less than the rookie comedians?

They said it’s commission-based and their salaries are paid based on their Stage performances at the theater, but I don’t know how much exactly their salaries are.

So even top members like Sayanee are working with low salary?

↑ This is totally my wild guess but I think she doesn’t get paid more than 200K yen per month.

So she has been shoved around so much that even her Grandma is worried saying “Don’t push yourself too much that you are damaging your health”….I guess….

Sayanee: “I squeeze the lemon onto Grandma’s Karaage, and I paid the fee for your eye operation as well ” 

↑ Cool….

I somehow think like, “If it’s Yamamoto, then I think this is a piece of cake for her. Not something that I’m surprised with.”
We may have raised the bar too high for this perfect super girl…..

Sayanee usually doesn’t reveal these kind of episodes so I bet she was being very shy…. But yeah, she is such a nice girl. 

This is a good story….. Though it’s sometimes hard to see, idols, of course, have their own lives and families. She doesn’t ignore them despite the fact that she is working with such a tough schedule, but rather, she still takes care of them…. I take off my hat to her… 

If it’s cataract or glaucoma, then it can be covered by national health insurance, so she only has to pay 10% of the expense, which probably costs around 20~30K yen.
It won’t cost that much…. (J)

↑I think it’s wrong to measure one’s goodwill by money. (J)

I want to marry her.

How do I put it? Somehow I’ve come to like her alot…

Yamamoto Sayaka

Oh no, my guitar is melting…. let’s sing…. let’s sing… “Jungle gym~” (Took a bite of the chocolate) It tastes like Sayaka.

Translated and edited by Christine, Bryansate and Tommy