Recent News: Dinner Party with AKB members, Vote for an AKB Song to have a PV, SKE48’s First Album, Acchan’s Epic Solo Song

  August 2, 2012

Invitation to have a 1 Night Dream-like Dinner Party with AKB48 Members!

Hikari TV, a video distribution service started an AKB48 TV program, which revolves around the participation of the audience called, “Hikari TV presents Bimyo~ na Tobira AKB48 no GachiChare”. 

This TV program has as a special project, one where the people who have guessed correctly whether the members would succeed or fail would be candidates to be chosen for the “Dinner Party with AKB48”. It is scheduled to be set in March in 2013, it was only said that the AKB48 members will treat them at the dinner party. This seems like it could become a hot topic.


30 people from the ones that guessed correctly will be chosen and invited to the dinner party. At the dinner party the AKB48 members will themselves treat the selected guests and it looks like it will be a “1 Night Dream-like Dinner Party”.
What kind of things will the winners be treated with? The answers to these questions and more will be revealed on the show’s site hereafter.

General Election for an AKB48 song you want to be made into a PV

Fans will vote for the AKB48 song they want to see have a Music Video. It has been revealed, on the 31st, that the song that comes first place will have a Music Video made for it.
Akimoto in a post on Google+ said, 
“It sounds interesting to make a music video afresh for one of the songs which we haven’t made any music video yet.
Then, why don’t we decide the song through fans’ votes?

When we were talking about such things, “KIND RECORDS” offered us to record the video into an album as a bonus footage.

You are a genius.
Fans, please ask “KING RECORDS” about the details.
I want to make a music video of “ONLY TODAY”.
For which song do you want to see a music video?”
According to an official of KING RECORDS, the possible songs that can be voted for are “All the songs that have no MV yet (including Theatre songs and B-side songs)”. And that songs from the sister groups and sub-units won’t be included.
The ticket to vote will be included in AKB48’s new album “1830M”.
The MV is scheduled to be released on December as part of AKB48’s 29th single release. The voting time will start from the 15th of August and end on the 20th of September at 3pm. For details hereafter head over to the official page of KING RECORDS. (Or AKB48, etc.)

SKE48 – Total of 63 people, Creating an MV with 63 parts… 9/19 A new Single and Album will be Released on the same Day

It was revealed on the 31st that the popular idol group SKE48, welcoming a new era with their first album in 4 years, will be releasing a new album and single (Both still untitled). It is the first time for any 48 group to release a single and album on the same day. The centre of SKE48, Matsui Jurina had this to say, “We’re all working together to create a great piece of work to reach first place for our next single and album.”

The special features, to say the least, will have a CD and DVD, on the DVD will be a 63 part MV. “By having all the members themselves recorded on one MV each, we want them to be more easily recognised in terms of their faces, names and personalities,” said an official. 
All the SKE48 members will each select 1 song from the SKE48 repertoire they want to sing. They will create an unprecedented 63 part MV. The production will also put the 63 members as directors.

For example, Matsui Jurina selected SKE48’s first original theatre unit song “Glory Days”, while Matsui Rena will pick the song that has come first in SKE48’s Request Hour Set List for 2 years straight; her own solo song “Kareha no Station”. Takayanagi Akane, Team KII’s captain, select the song “Omatase Set list”, which is a song from her team’s first original Theatre, and which was also written from her speech at last year’s General Election toward producer Akimoto Yasushi.


For the hot topic that is SKE48’s first album, Rena said pinning her hopes up, “Our fans have always been looking forward to this, so I’m really happy that we will be able to release an album. I think there will also be new songs record, so I hope that we can perform those new songs during lives.”

Meanwhile Jurina, being hyped about the double release of the single and album had this to say, “I’m happy that we’re able to tackle new challenges that we’ve never faced before, and that those opportunities are increasing. I will continue to strive to do my best while not forgetting my gratitude and also in order for me to continue to mature much more.”


Acchan’s Epic Solo of “Sakura no Hanabiratachi”

This is a preview of the song played on the radio. It will be in AKB48’s new album.