Akicha and Haruka back home from Jakarta, immediately start working!

  September 10, 2012

Akicha and Haruka flew back from Jakarta on a flight that arrived at Narita Airport on 7:15, NH938.

Takajo Aki 7:46 9/10

Hello~♪(´ε` )
I’ve come back to Japan~!
I’ll try my best for today!
Nakagawa Haruka 12:28pm 9/10

I’m home~~!!

I’m back from Jakarta~~~♪
I love JKT48 members~~♪

Thank you so much for talking to me a lot♪

Katayama Haruka 12:48 9/10

Welcom back~
Let’s hold a meeting to talk Horror stories!!
I won’t fall asleep next time! lol