Rumor confirmed! Yuko and Acchan are living in the same room! (plus Harugon!)

  September 10, 2012

From Yuko fan thread

This fan used 11 HS ticket for Yuko for one day on the last weekend.

Me: Otsukaresama~
Yuko: Otsukare!
Me: Is it real that you live with Acchan?
Yuko: Yup~~(-∀-`)
Me: Really!?!?
Yuko: Yeah
Me: Since when?
Yuko: It’s been a while!!

Me: Whose room you’re living in? You lent a room together!?
Yuko: Nope. It’s her home.
Me: Oh yeah
Yuko: Yeah(-∀-`)
Me: That’s awesome! So that’s why Acchan appears a lot in your blog!! (
Yuko: Gonchan is also living in the same home!
Me: Harugon!?

Yuko: yeah
Me: So 3 of you are living together?!
Yuko: Yeah
Me: You really need a big room, don’t you!?
Yuko: It’s very small~ Coz we’re sleeping on the same one bed~!
Me: Ahaha