1905, Japan-China joint film featuring Maeda Atsuko and Tony Leung, Postponed

  October 5, 2012

Finally we’ve gotten confirmation…

It’s tough for her and all of fans because there’re not much we can do for this.

What does Acchan feel about this….

It’s disappointing but it’s come to the point where even Tony Leung can’t do anything for this.

Can someone tell China that culture and politics are completely different animals….

Nope, I think they don’t get this idea anyway.

I wonder what Acchan will do next….. or I should say what Ohta production will do for Acchan….

Though it wrote postponed, Dispute over senkaku islands is not something that can be solved in months.

It’s quite likely the production will be canceled…..

I hope she will take advantage of this and make more appearances in TV during the time she doesn’t join the filming….

Though it reports it’s an intention of Tony Leung, I think it’s likely that the funding from Chinese party will be canceled.

We can’t do anything but just wait actually……

Akimoto Yasushi has had headache for sure…

This was supposed to be the biggest work for her after the graduation… I’m shocked.

But this means she will have plenty of free time in the year end. Let’s say….. look forward to her making appearances at year end music shows….

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